What am I doing with my life part 1: blogging edition

Blogging (or more specifically, not blogging) has been stressing me out lately.

My life is changing and my time is changing and since I started this blog, I’ve changed. My views on health and fitness have changed (in a good way). And as you can probably tell from the title, it’s not even the only thing I’m trying to sort out. I feel like so many things are in flux right now. I’ve been trying to sort out what that means for this space while trying to figure out how blogging fits into my new schedule, and in the meantime I’m posting less and less without explanation. So here it is. 


I come home and I don’t want to write. Or I want to write but my mind is blank.

I love my blends, but I haven’t been reading. Not every day anyway, not like I used to.

I feel like I have no time. I’ve always taken on a lot, maxed out my time each and every day, but I’ve never had this feeling of there never being enough. I think everyone thinks it’s funny, like “oh ha ha, welcome to the working world.” I’ve worked full time before, and I’ve worked far more hours during some of my years student but I have never felt like this.

I could write or read or think about healthy living on the train, but I’d rather read my kindle and relax by losing myself in a story for a while. I thought I would use that time to be productive, and sometimes I do, but I think my soul needs that time for doing nothing right now.

When I think about blogging, it’s mostly to worry. Worry that the blog will die because I struggle to stick to a schedule and all the blogging blogs (yes that exists) say you have to stick to a regular schedule. I worry because I want blogging to stay part of my life, but it’s not my a high priority, and the other important things are pushing it out. I worry because I don’t know what to say. Then I worry because something I do for fun shouldn’t be making me worry.

I had a feeling my career changes would require blogging changes, I just wasn’t sure how (frequency? content?) so I couldn’t prepare. Now I’m trying to figure it out as I go which is messier and I don’t really like it. So instead of writing, I think about what to do. I haven’t decided, so instead I thought I’d share some of the ideas warring in my brain:

  • I started out blogging thinking I’d be giving advice, doling out wisdom, which seems a little silly and preachy now. Davida and I joke about Dear Diary (started by this post I believe), but I wonder if I should treat the blog more like a diary, chronicling my balance of health and professional life.
  • Maybe I just need to post less often. Maybe once a week?
  • Maybe I’ll get back to posting more workouts, something I’ve wanted for a while. Maybe I’ll just post workouts. Maybe just one post a week with a workout and some life thoughts the way food bloggers post recipes.
  • Maybe this should just become a yoga lifestyle blog. But what about everything else I do?
  • No matter what, I’d really like a redesign… #notapriority

So what I’m trying to say is, if you see fewer posts, it’s not because I’m slowly fading away from the internet (I hope), I’m just figuring things out. If you really miss me, you can always find me on social media <3

Happy birthday John {weekly plan}

Last year, when I was much more on top of my blogging life, I celebrated John’s birthday and all the reasons I love him in a clever post (if I do say so myself). It’s light on writing and heavy on pictures, so if you’d like a little window into our silliness, it’s all just as true today as it was then.

john loves ice cream

This year, I’m blogging less often (and I”m less organized, but that’s beside the point), but part of deciding to do so was wanting to make sure my hobby doesn’t take time away from the most important thing in my life.

acro yoga superwoman

So I don’t have a clever post, but I do have a BBQ planned filled with a mix of new and old Boston friends, and I have a few little surprises up my sleeve. I’m still grateful every single day that I get to spend my life with this loving, hilarious man who just so happens to be my best friend.

tri relay with John

Now on to this week’s plan <3

workout plan


I’m sure all of you already know this, but cooking during the week is THE WORST! Last time I worked full time (i.e. before law school) we ate… well, I don’t know what we ate, but I certainly wasn’t cooking real dinners. We were still in that post grad-school mode, so we probably had ramen and spaghetti. What I’m trying to say is, making a real meal after working all day and commuting home stinks. I’m on a mission add to my collection of super fast and easy recipes, but for now, things are kind of on repeat around here.

Monday: Wild rice skillet {recipe}

Tuesday: Veggie burgers

Wednesday: Tofu broccoli rice bowls {recipe}

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Tofu and broccoli slaw {recipe}

Saturday-Sunday: TBD (I didn’t plan this far ahead this week), whoops

Oh, and I have to give a shoutout to these amazing breakfast cookies from Arman. I made a batch for the week and they were perfect to grab and go before the gym or on the train.


So drastically changing my workouts last week resulted in extreme soreness that kindaaaaa side-lined me for most of the week. Hopefully this week will be better as my body adjusts, and at least my bike commuting last week meant I was doing something on my non-workout days.

Monday: Yoga (upper body/core strength focus)

Tuesday: Warrior training (high-intensity strength/endurance/agility) <- it’s Sunday morning and I am STILL sore from this class last week…

Wednesday: Spinning

Thursday: Total body conditioning class

Friday: Yoga

Saturday: Yoga + maybe lifting or HIIT

Sunday: Yoga + maybe a short run

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I miss running. I want to keep it up, but I’m also trying to let my knee have some time to rest.

Questions: What are your go-to super quick meals? Any fun workouts in your life lately?

Bike commuting basics

That’s right, I’m bike commuting! Ok, I’m really only like, 1/3 bike commuting because I just bike to the train, but it totally counts. And now that I’ve done it a whole four times, I figure I’m basically enough of an expert to dole out advice.

Let’s start with the obvious. It’s not safe or feasible for lots and lots of people to bike to work or transit. That said, it IS and option for lots of people but they don’t do it for one reason or another. That is a bigger topic for another day (when I actually have enough experience to give real advice), I just wanted to make it clear I know this isn’t for everybody.

Now let’s talk about gear!


First you need a bike (duh).

my bike!

It doesn’t have to be a fancy bike. Mine is from Target and I love it. It’s purple and adorable. It’s a hybrid, so it’s comfortable (comfort is key in my opinion), and, you know, it pedals, so it works.

Next, you need some safety gear. That’s starts with a helmet. YES A HELMET! No this is not negotiable.

bike helmet

If you aren’t going far, you won’t get helmet hair. Here’s the proof:



IMMEDIATELY after, which is why I'm looking windswept

IMMEDIATELY after, which is why I’m looking windswept, run a quick hand through it and good to go

If you are going far there are tricks like dry shampoo, or you can wear it down and pin or tie it up when you get where you are going. Lots of possibilities that don’t involve cracking your head open.

Lights are a must if you will be biking in the dark or even twilight, but apparently I didn’t take a picture, so you’ll just have to trust me.

Last but not least, a lock.

bike lock

People steal bikes. They are even super tricky about how they steal them. They will even steal your target bike (but not mine, look at that lock!). Luckily, your lock sticks right on your bike if you want. Fancy right?


For a lot of people, the basics are probably all you need. I, however, have to kick it up a notch to get all my crap to work and back.

A basket is perfect for carrying my work bag (which I love). Not that I use it this way for work, but it even has handles so you can pick it up and take it into a store or whatever with you, which I think is wicked cool.

front bike basket

{Oh hey look I do have a light picture! There it is under the basket.}

And a rear rack is good if you need to tie things down …

rear bike rack

or… put your garment bag!

bike garment bag

I am obsessed with this bag. I can carry a suit or whatever else I need for the day, shoes, lunch, gym towel, and any other random things. It has a messenger bag strap so I just unhook it, pick it up, and go. Since I’m going to the gym at work, this was a must for me so I can shower and look like a human.


This depends on a lot of things (like the weather). If I’m going to the gym first, gym clothes (duh). If I’m not going to the gym, I bike in my work clothes. If I’m wearing a pencil skirt that I can’t peddle in, I just fold that up in my normal bag and put it in later. It only takes me about 15 minutes to get to the train so I don’t sweat. If I’m wearing a skirt that I can peddle in, my sister gave me the awesome tip to just wear spandex shorts or capris underneath.

what to wear to bike to work

She has been a legit bike commuter for years so she knows all the tips. As for shoes, I wear heels at work, but I commute in flats anyway, and they work just fine on the bike.

So that’s it, all my basic gear! I love biking to the train because it is way (WAY) faster than driving or taking the bus, it energizes me to start my day, and even if I don’t fit a workout in, I at least spend a little time moving.

Questions: Do you bike for fun, function, both, or neither? Do you want to know more about bike commuting?

We did it – 13.1! {weekly plan}

I MADE IT! Well, we made it, but there was really never any question about whether John could do it. I finished the half marathon, another one of this year’s goals checked off the list.

I’m not going to do a full recap, but I do want to say this. If you’ve been reading for a long time (thanks!) you know I have a lot of running demons. It has been a fuel for poor self-esteem for too many years. I’ve worked on it for a while, but I signed up for this race to finally put those demons to rest. Even so, I never reeeeally believed I could do it. I thought there would be walk breaks, maybe even a walk to the finish. When my knee was screaming pain last week, I assumed there was a better than even chance I’d make it a few miles and just have to stop.

I WAS WRONG. We ran the whole thing. I cried at the finish line. Cried. Yes I’m an emotional person in general, but I was just overwhelmed with emotion at accomplishing something that felt so impossible.

half marathon

Not only that, but I ran faster than I ever thought I could. I am slow runner. I was running to finish, not for time, but I thought an optimistic goal was 2:30. We finished in 2:22.

My knee held up thanks to lots of anti-inflammatories and Flexall.

The perks of being married to an athletic trainer <3

The perks of being married to an athletic trainer <3

By mile two I could already feel it, but the pain was a little less sharp and easier to ignore. I just focused on how I would feel at the finish line and kept pushing. By mile 4ish the pain was just as sharp as before, but I kept up my mental tricks. Then, by mile 6, the Flexall must have taken over again because it went away. I had a crazy rush of endorphins when I realized I might really make it. I was giddy. It was the first time I believed I could get to the finish line.

My endorphin surge came just as we came along the ocean. The ocean is the source of my power!

My endorphin surge came just as we came along the ocean. The ocean is the source of my power! Yes I took this as I was running… #priorities

The last few miles were tough, and the pain came back, but we were so close there was no stopping us. Note: In general I DO NOT support pushing through pain like that. The only reason I did was because the unique nature of my issue meant I was not doing any damage to my body by continuing. 

As soon as we stopped it was killing me again, and it probably will for a few days, but we got through. I proved to myself what I needed to prove (and now I never need to do this again, thank god lol). I’m so thankful to all of you for your support, and especially to John for training and racing alongside me. I truly could not have done it on my own.

workout plan

Now enough race talk, on to the weekly plan! I’ll keep it short and sweet.


Monday: Parmesan zucchini and rice {recipe}

Tuesday: Falafel with hummus {recipe} (I keep listing this and not making it, so the ingredients are always here)

Wednesday: Mexican casserole

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Cashew tofu quinoa bowls {recipe}

Saturday: Out to dinner if John is home or just on my own

Sunday: BBQ for John’s birthday <3


For the first time in months, my schedule isn’t dictated by training, and I’m excited to mix things up again! This week is all about trying out the morning classes at my new gym (conveniently located in my building at work) to see if I want to make any of them part of my regular routine.

Monday: Yoga (upper body/core strength focus)

Tuesday: Class – Warrior training (high-intensity, outdoor, strength/endurance/agility training)

Wednesday: Class – Spinning

Thursday: Class – Total body conditioning

Friday: Yoga

Saturday: Yoga + maybe lifting or HIIT

Sunday: Yoga + maybe a short run

My knee and my nerves

It’s two days until the race, and I have a lot on my mind, so I hope you don’t mind my rambling.

There’s a very good chance I won’t finish on Saturday. I probably would have said that no matter what had happened during training, because it’s hard to shake that old running negativity, but that’s not what this is. This isn’t me being pessimistic, it’s me being realistic. legs running Sunday’s post, where I mentioned my knee trouble and talked about my plan for this week, went live before I attempted my final long run – 12 miles. John and I woke up early and got out the door so we could finish and head to the finger lakes for a wedding. It was the best possible setup I could hope for. I woke up excited to run. I wasn’t worried about the distance. I hit the ground going fairly fast, not too fast, just on the high end of my normal pace range. I’ve only had one other day like this, last summer when I ran 10 miles and was elated.

I made it 2.5 miles. The pain in my knee had escalated to the point it was unbearable. Even walking didn’t help. I had to stop completely (and let John assess me) to let the pain subside enough for me to walk home. I cried. Not because it hurt but out of sheer frustration and disappointment. I have been working so hard for this, and now a week from the race I essentially couldn’t run at all. Of all days for a run to be cut short, it had to be one where I was looking forward to it, such a rare thing for me. The one time all I wanted to do was run and I couldn’t. I’d been looking forward to the pride of finishing 12 miles, farther than I’ve ever gone, and the confidence it might give me that I really could run the half marathon.

The only good thing was that my pain was finally intense enough for John to diagnose the problem. He had been trying for weeks, but struggled because if he is correct (and I have complete faith in him) I have a rare variation of an already uncommon syndrome that is diagnosed through exclusion. With this run, he was able to rule out the remaining alternatives and conclude it is plica syndrome.

So what is it? I’m sure John would say I’m butchering this, but basically, it’s a band of tissue in my knee, leftover from fetal development, that isn’t supposed to be there. Most of the time, they cause no issue, but in some people, they rub against the bone and with overuse, they can thicken and become inflamed (from things like, you guessed it, running). Rest and anti-inflammatories can help, but ultimately the only treatment is surgery (no I’m not getting surgery, it only hurts when running and for the few days after – not worth it).

So this week I cancelled all my short runs, and I’m loading up on Advil. We have a super dose planned for Saturday and some other ideas for numbing the area. I’m not confident it will work, but I’ve worked too hard not to at least try.

Then there’s the distance itself. Amy told me she only ever ran 10 miles training for her two prior halves, but I’m still intimidated. My 11 miler was incredibly rough. I got to the end and all I could think was “HOW will I ever go two more miles?” Of course, I thought the same thing after every long run, but still, skipping the last one makes me feel terribly unprepared.

Long story short, I’m nervous about Saturday, but not for the reason I thought I would be. I want to rally and be positive, but I can’t shake this feeling of disappointment and resignation to what feels like a failure even though it’s out of my control and there’s nothing I could have done differently. That said, I’m still going to do my best and push through if I can. So thanks for listening, because it helps <3

Embracing savasana

Many yogis have a difficult relationship with savasana. For my non-yogi readers, savasana the time at the end of your practice when you lay on your back, arms and legs relaxed and extended, and reap the meditative benefits of yoga. Not awake, but not asleep, a delicate balance. If you think that sounds easy (“I mean, you just lay down right?”), you’d be wrong.


When I started yoga, in one of my very first DVDs, the instructor quoted shared how the world’s great yogis consider savasana the hardest posture to master. I’m glad she did, because it encouraged me to take it seriously from the start. Savasana is too easily dismissed by students who underestimate its importance. Unfortunately, the harder you find savasana, the more you probably need it.

Stillness doesn’t come easily to me. In those teen and early 20s years, a still mind was even harder to come by. It went something like this:

Instructor: Lie back. Relax your breathing. Let go of the effort of your practice.

Me: Ok, relaxing . . . here we go . . . totally still.
. . .
My back feels weird. . . I’ll just shift quickly. I mean, it’s only been a few seconds, I can settle in. *shifts around* That’s better.
. . .
Ugh now my nose itches! Do I scratch it or should I wait? I’ll wait, I can do this.
. . .
HOW IS IT SO ITCHY? Screw it I’m scratching it. . . . Ok better. Now here we go. . . letting go . . . emptying my mind.
. . .
How can you even tell if your mind is empty? Aren’t I thinking about it being empty?
. . .
Wait was that the dogs? I need to remember take them out before I get in the shower. Oh and I need to make my lunch. And I nee–UGH, stop! You’re supposed to be emptying your mind! Get it together.
. . .
Showering . . . I wonder what time it is? Is this class like exactly an hour? Or is it like an hour and three minutes so I’m going to need to take a speedy shower? Seriously I need to get up this is stressing me out. I don’t know what I’m wearing so that will take a whi–NO! Stop it you’re supposed to be meditating! Time to get serious!

Instructor: Gently start to come back. Making small movement to wake the body up.

Me: Wait it’s over? Come back from where? I sure didn’t go anywhere. Ugh, fail. Well thank god at least I can get moving *launches up off the ground* I have shit to do.

Sound familiar? I’ve heard some people even have the opposite problem and find themselves falling asleep. While that relaxation is admirable, it still means you aren’t experiencing the pose. Sadly, I think the difficulty causes too many yogis to give up on savasana altogether.

Luckily for me, my perfectionism drove me to work hard. Unluckily for me, working hard isn’t necessarily the answer. What did work for me was patience, consistency, and guided meditation.

I will never forget what I would call my first “true” savasana experience. It came during a beautiful full moon yogaglo practice that I’ve raved about before. Jo Tastula has a gift for guided meditation, and this guided savasana opened up a whole new world for me. It was the first time I understood what the instructor meant by “come back to your body.” I truly felt like I had floated away, and at first I physically could not get up.

Now my deeper savasana experiences come more and more frequently. Instead of counting the seconds until it will be over, I’m anxious for it to begin. Every time I get there, it leaves me in a blissful state of gratitude. Words can’t do it justice, but trust me when I tell you that if you’re frustrated, don’t give up. Be persistent and experiment: guided or unguided, silence or music (or other background noise), eyes covered or uncovered. It will come, and you’ll never feel the same way about the pose again.

Questions: How’s your relationship with savasana? Do you agree it’s the most difficult pose to master?

Race week {weekly plan}

OMG it’s race week. Seriously, how did this happen? I don’t even feel really prepared despite following a training plan. Hopefully that’s just normal nerves… I guess I just haven’t really thought a lot about the actual race (other than during long runs: “omg I have to run HOW much farther for the real thing?”). There’s just been so much going on – the bar exam, weddings, starting work – the race felt so far away. Not anymore. Now things are getting serious.

workout plan


Writing our meal plan this week I realized I had an excuse to stuff my face which was very exciting. Other than that, I’m just trying to include at least one meals that works for multiple days. By the time I get home from work I’m hungry and I just want to eat, plus it’s usually fairly late which means the last thing I want to do is waste precious veg time in the kitchen.

Sunday: Sweet corn and zucchini pie {recipe} Yes, I made this last week and yes, I’m making it again, because it was INSANELY delicious. You need this in your life. Seriously.

Monday: Tofu rice bowls {recipe}

Tuesday: Falafel with hummus {recipe}

Wednesday: Mexican casserole

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Avocado pasta {inspiration}

Saturday: BBQ tofu mac and cheese {recipe}


This week is nice and light (minus the race, obvi) which is good in that I’m still struggling to fit workouts in but bad in that my gym membership is active and I want to go play (next week!). Last week I did manage a whole three pre-work workouts, a huge improvement over the zero of my first week. Only one was a run because my knee has been having issues, and the last thing I want is to screw it up in training and then not be able to do the actual race. If it’s hurting after Tuesday’s run, I’ll probably swap one or both other runs for yoga.

Monday: Yoga (upper body/core strength focus)

Tuesday: 3 miles

Wednesday: 2 miles

Thursday: 2 miles

Friday: Yoga

Saturday: HALF MARATHON!!!!!!!!!

Sunday: Yoga recovery

Questions: Any final words of running wisdom? How do you stay motivated to cook mid-week?

6 Healthy habits that make me an office weirdo

One of the many perks of having a normal job like a normal person is that I have a whole new source of blog content: healthy living meets professional life! I’ve only been at work for a week and a half, and already I’m laughing at myself on a daily basis for all the awkward things I do. Some of them I do on purpose in the name of health, but most of them are only incidentally healthy and I do them without thinking about it. It may not make me many friends, but I’m embracing it.

eagle pose before work

1. I actually go to people’s offices

I know you’ve all heard about the damage caused by prolonged sitting a million times before so I won’t get all preachy, but the point is it’s terrible for you, and exercise won’t undo the damage. I hope to live a nice long life, so I get up and walk every chance I get. That means if I have a question about a project in working on, I hoof it over the office whoever can answer it.

2. I fidget like crazy

I saw an interview/special on the Today Show with the researchers responsible for at least one of the bigger studies on the negative impact of sitting. In it, they talked about how the negative health impacts are significantly reduced for people who sit but don’t sit STILL. Long love the fidgeters! This is great news for me since I’m basically incapable of sitting in one position for more than a few minutes. I swivel my chair, cross/uncross/recross my legs, tuck a leg up, switch sides, fiddle with things on my desk, and on and on over and over all day. Yes I still get work done. No I have no idea how.

half lotus twist at work

3. I sit in weird positions

Desk yoga anyone? My constant fidgeting (see above) accidentally gets me in some weird positions already. If you add to that the deliberate moments of half lotus, hero, various shoulder openers, and anything else I come up with, there’s a good chance if you walk by my office you’ll catch me in some kind of awkward position.

4. I always have a water bottle

So far, I’m the only person who brings a water bottle to meetings. There is always bottled water available, which some people take, but I love the planet too much not to use my own. I drink water all day long, and have a weird fear about being stranded without water and having to buy it bottled, so I always keep it with me. This also means…

water at desk

5. I go to the bathroom approximately 36285826 times per day

TMI? Sorry I’m not sorry because it’s the truth. It’s all the water! I’ve been here a week
and a half and I’m already trying to devise scenic routes to the bathroom because otherwise I walk by the same four desks and three offices every time and they all know where I’m going. They probably all think I have some kind of bladder control problem. Or that I’m secretly pregnant (which I’m not). At least it’s an excuse to walk around!

6. I am always eating

At least, I’m sure that’s how it seems to my coworkers. Now, before everyone freaks out, I believe HOW you eat is very individualized and what works for one person doesn’t work for another. Listen to your body, it knows the way. My body says “feed me a little bit at a time all day long and I will be happy.” Eating several snacks and spreading my lunch consumption over a couple hours means I have food out on my desk WAY more often than anyone else.

Questions: Are you an office weirdo? Is it because of your healthy habits? (If not, you can tell me, it’s totally cool 😉 )

4 apps for yoga lovers + yogis to follow on instagram

Once upon a time, when I was first getting involved in the Instagram yoga community, I wrote this post of inspiring yogis to follow. Some of them I still follow, some I don’t, some are still active, some aren’t, so I thought it was high time for an update. Along with my favorite yogagrammers, I thought I’d share my top sources of yogic inspiration on the go.

king pigeon


Yoga is all about tuning into yourself, which inherently means tuning out the digital world, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a world of yogic inspiration to be found in the palm of your hand.


Ok, this is obvious since half of this post is people to follow, but I still had to include it. There is a huge variety in yoga style and philosophy available on Instagram, so it can take some time to find your tribe, following and unfollowing as necessary to find the people who uplift and inspire your soul (not just your envy). Once you do, you’ll have a constant stream of inspiring posts and encouraging comments to support your practice.


YogaQuote is a free app that I’m kind of in love with. As the name implies, the app gives you a new yoga-related quote every day, your own bit of yogic wisdom. You can set a notification if you want to remind you to check the days quote. I have mine set for 9:00am to kick off my day, but I may move it earlier. Obviously you won’t connect with every quote, but more often than not they get me thinking and put me on a positive path for the rest of the day.

yoga quote

Meditation Apps – Omvana and Headspace

I have both of these apps and have only dabbled so far but they have amazing reviews. Omvana has an enormous library of guided meditations (some free some not). Headspace has a free program of 10 minute meditations that are great for getting started. Just looking for sound to then out background noise? Try Relax Melodies, I use this one alllll the time, although usually for sleep. 🙂


Many of these accounts I follow for many reasons, but I tried to group them based on the main thing that keeps me following.

For inspiring words (and beautiful photos):

For amazing feats of strength and control:

For down to earth, “real,” or funny posts:

There are so so so so many more yogis I’ve connected with in so many ways, so I hope no one feels left out. You’re MY tribe, and I love you all!

Questions: Hare you tried any of these apps? Any insta-yogis I left out? 

Routine? What routine? {weekly plan}

Well, adjusting to working life is taking slightly longer than I anticipated.

My commute has been more of a challenge than expected, which significantly impacted the amount of time I had at home this week. I know I will adjust, but it’s definitely taking longer than expected. I haven’t read blogs in over a week (but I’m trying to catch up today, promise!), and haven’t done half the things on my to-do list. In general, I have an ongoing feeling of flying by the seat of my pants. It’s not my fav, but I’m doing my best to remind myself that at least the unfamiliarity is temporary.

So yeah, this week’s plan is brought to you by the land of good intentions. 🙂

workout plan


If anything can be called a success from last week, it’s the meals. It’s funny. A few years ago, I would have sacrificed meals for workouts in a heartbeat. Workouts were the priority, and if that meant doing them undernourished or instead of a meal to fit them in, I did it. I thought about that this week and was nothing but thankful for the sanity in my life. Three cheers for rational priorities.

Sunday: Sweet corn and zucchini pie {recipe} Yes, I made this last week and yes, I’m making it again, because it was INSANELY delicious. You need this in your life. Seriously.

Monday: Wild rice skillet {recipe}

Tuesday: Mexican tofu scramble {recipe}

Wednesday: Summer veggie pasta {inspiration}

Thursday: Falafel with hummus {recipe}

Friday: Travel food because we are off to another wedding. I’m so excited!! 🙂

Saturday: Wedding food <3


I did approximately zero workouts last week. That’s right, zero. For a million reasons I won’t bother getting into. No yoga, no running, nothing. My long run got pushed to today, and I anticipate it going poorly but I’m hoping for the best.

In the past this would have sent me into a full blown panic. I panicked because I didn’t trust myself to maintain healthy habits. I saw a missed workout as a sign that I was resigning myself to a sedentary life and dooming myself to a reduced lifespan (I am aware that I err on the dramatic side. It’s one of my… charms?). This week I just took a few deep breaths and trusted that as I adjust I will find a way to make things work.

Monday: Yoga (upper body/core strength focus)

Tuesday: 3 miles + yoga

Wednesday: 5 miles

Thursday: 3 miles + yoga

Friday: Yoga (upper body/core strength focus)

Saturday: 12 miles… before a wedding… last long run before the race… *I think I can I think I can I think I can*

Sunday: Yoga recovery

After the half, I’m excited to mix up my routine again. I joined the gym in my building at work, and they have some great looking classes!

Questions: How do you handle drastic schedule changes? What’s your week look like? Bloggers, I miss you all, do you forgive me for my reading-slacking?!

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