5/21 What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW)

It’s Wednesday! Time for your weekly peek into my diet. 🙂


Egg white omelet with light cheddar cheese

omeletYes I know this is clearly a regular egg omelet. I forgot to take a picture of mine before eating it, so I took a picture of John’s instead. Close enough right? Right.

Second Breakfast

What? Two breakfasts?! It was a weird day. We went for our long run kind of late and I was super hungry when we got back, so I had a Banana Pineapple Smoothie without the oats.


I need a manicure…


For lunch I did an improvised version of this recipe – two hard boiled eggs (but only one of the yolks), wholly guacamole, tomato, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. So simple but so good.

eggs and avocado


As you know, I snack a lot throughout the day. One of my favorite KIND bars, so good.

KINDPlus the standard Zbar.

zbarAnd some pistachios, my fav super healthy nut!


For dinner, I made us some veggie burgers from a recipe I’ve been meaning to try for ages. These Roasted Red Pepper Burgers come from how sweet it is. Pretty quick to make if you have quinoa already made, and they were sooooo good.

red pepper quinoa burgersWe wanted dessert but were too lazy to leave the house, which was probably for the best. 🙂


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