6/16 Weekly Workout Plan

Hola friends, hope you’re all having a fabulous weekend! Mine has been just lovely so far, but more on that tomorrow for MIMM. 🙂


A lot of other fit bloggers share their weekly workout and/or meal plans, which I love. I didn’t do it when I first started because my workout plan was the same every week… which, you know, I figured would be boring. Now that I’m not teaching and I’m not really following any set schedule, I’m actually having to plan ahead and put some thought into what I’ll be doing each week. Here’s what’s on my schedule:

Monday: Interval run (8 x 400m sprints) + abs

Tuesday: Ashtanga yoga + lifting

Wednesday: 3 mile run + abs + kayaking (I’m super excited about this!)

Thursday: Ashtanga yoga (rest day)

Friday: Minutes interval/tempo run (30min total) + abs + lifting

Saturday: Kickboxing (TurboFire)

Sunday: Long run, shooting for 9 miles

Do you see all that running?!?! Who am I?! I’ve really had to improvise with my workouts in our new “apartment,” but more on that later (I have a post planned for later this week).

Take some time to plan your workouts – and your meals – and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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