8/19 MIMM

I’m so excited to start a new week! I feel like I have a lot of marvelous things to share today for Marvelous in my Monday (hosted byΒ Healthy Diva Eats!).

Blog news!

BusyBod is getting a facelift! I’m working with a designer and I’m super excited for the new look. I’m having so much fun with it and I think it’s going to be amazing! Get excited πŸ™‚

The MPRE is over!

Saturday was the MPRE. It’s an exam on the ethical rules that govern lawyers, and you have to take it before you take the bar. It’s a short test that I heard was easy, so I wasn’t expecting to study much, but ended up spending a TON of time on it last week. I’m not sure how I did, but hopefully I won’t have to retake it. For now I’m just happy that it’s over so I can have a real break before classes start.

A fun-filled and friend-filled weekend!

This weekend was the best! Well, other than the test of course. But Friday, one of my Florida friends was in the area for a wedding so we got to hang with him and his girlfriend. It was so much fun catching up, and we had a fabulous double date in the city. We spent a little while in Manhattan, then went to the Whiskey Brooklyn, Brooklyn Brewery, and Best Pizza.

IMG_2117I ate more pizza then I’d like to admit, annnnd it’s worse because of the wheat. #worthit

Saturday, we headed to NJ to meet up with our best couple friends. We missed them all summer! They took us to Pier 13, a fabulous spot on the water with food trucks and a bar and an amaaaazing view of the NYC skyline.

pier 13I had sangria and pad thai. So good. Also, I was MUCH happier than I look in this cameo shot πŸ™‚

I didn’t think the night could get any better, but then we got, wait for it… froyo!

froyoI love our place, but their place had some great toppings that our doesn’t: frosted animal crackers, mini junior mints, and some white chocolate covered clusters of deliciousness.

Sunday was a lazier day, but we went for our usual run. I wore an accidentally excessively matchy outfit (actually everything but the shoes was on purpose, I forgot they had blue on them). It was not a great run because my knee has been bothering me, but I was still really happy with the pace! Some post run recovery yoga helped cheer me up too (which also matched my outfit, this time definitely NOT on purpose).

IMG_2116I hope you all are having a marvelous Monday! I know I’m looking forward to a marvelous week of staycation!

Do you get adventurous with your froyo toppings or do you have a regular? ANy vacations or staycations planned for the rest of the summer?


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6 comments on “8/19 MIMM

    1. BusyBod Post author

      You’re so good! I wish I could stick to fruit, usually I do one side fruit and the other candy so it’s at least not all bad πŸ™‚

  1. Jessie

    LIttle junior mints? I’ve never seen that topping offered before, but you better believe I’m going to go on a hunt for a place that has some when we visit the States in September.

    p..s i love the #worthit hashtag πŸ™‚

    1. BusyBod Post author

      #worthit is my fav πŸ™‚

      The mini junior mints were soooo good, the name of the place was 16 Handles, I think they are mainly in the northeast πŸ™‚


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