9/9 MIMM – Super Spartan success!

Happy Monday! I’m not excited to have class today but I am excited to share my marvelous weekend! MIMM is hosted by the lovely Katie from Healthy Diva Eats!

On Sunday, John and I ran the Super Spartan! If you are a regular reader, you know I was very stressed and nervous for this race. My long runs have not been going well and I even reached out to some fellow Spartan chicks for encouragement because I was a mess of anxiety. I really struggled at the Spartan Sprint in June, and that was half the distance. Then I read this blog post and freaked out even more. Not ideal.

So, imagine my surprise when the race felt amazing!!!! We expected it to take us between 4 and 5 hours (the Sprint took us ~2hrs), most likely closer to 5. We ended up finishing in 3:02! I couldn’t believe it! And I wasn’t even dying at the end. After the Sprint I was delirious (to put it mildly), but this time I felt great and could actually celebrate. I have a lot of theories about why this race went so much better than the Sprint, but I’ll put those together for another post in the future. For now, I just want to revel in the fact that I didn’t have to be evacuated off the mountain in a helicopter. 🙂

My Stats:

92/285 in my age group (top 32%)
342/1046 all women (top 33%)
1640/3489 overall (top 47%)

I’m always amazed by the athletes at these events, so even though it’s nothing spectacular, I’m really proud! For those interested in these races (or just curious), I’ll do a full recap when I get the official pictures. For now, enjoy these iPhone shots from the day 🙂

Reading in the car on the way to the race. #lawschoolproblems

IMG_2509Because there were so many racers, you had to park in a satellite lot and take a shuttle to the event.


super spartanAfter checking in, we went to get a look at the starting line… which was a crazy steep hill. Some silly people tried to run, no one made it to the top running. Better yet, when you rounded the corner, you realized the incline continued… for the first mile and a half.

Nj Tristate spartan super start lineThen we checked out the festival area.

nj tristate spartan super

And took our “before” pictures.

NJ tristate spartan superNJ tristate spartan superNJ tristate spartan superNot a lot of the obstacles were visible from the festival (and we didn’t feel like hiking to the spectator area), but you could see a few.

NJ tristate spartan super rope climbNJ tristate spartan super traverse wallThen it was time for our race! Fast forward three hours and we were back for our “after” shots.

NJ tristate spartan superWe were even muddier than we look. The sun dries it fast.

NJ tristate spartan superThe three fingers is for three hours. I was very excited.NJ tristate spartan superNJ tristate spartan superWe had an awesome time. We’re both sore and tired today, and I’m nursing a minor injure (and being a baby about it). During the tractor pull (dragging a cement block by a chain), we were going down hill and John’s picked up too much speed and bashed me in the leg. Still worth it! We are thinking about trying a Beast (the next level up). AROO!

What’s making your Monday marvelous? Would you (or have you) ever run a Spartan?


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9 comments on “9/9 MIMM – Super Spartan success!

    1. BusyBod Post author

      Do it! It is so worth it. Work on upper body, but really you need lower body. That was a big mistake I made for our first Spartan, I only trained upper body. You only need upper body for a few obstacles, and if you fail them, you just do burpees, not pleasant but not the end of the world. The terrain is the real obstacle and that is allll legs. 🙂

  1. Erin @ The Almond Eater

    Wow, congratulations! This is seriously so impressive–I can’t even imagine. Just curious..how many miles is the whole obstacle? Me and long distances don’t get along, but I’ve heard there are shorter obstacles (not sure about Spartan?) that I’d maybe consider doing.
    Erin @ The Almond Eater recently posted…Chickpeas, pleaseMy Profile

    1. BusyBod Post author

      Thanks!! The Super Spartan is 6+ miles, in this case, it was 8, but that doesn’t really tell the whole story because you are really doing an intense hike, not a run, because you go up and down a mountain over and over. If I had to guess, I’d say I ran less than half the time. The Spartan Sprint is 3+ miles (I ran one in June and it was 4 miles), but it’s the same thing, up and down a mountain. There are definitely lots of 5k distance obstacle races with much easier terrain. You should totally do one!!


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