About Us

beach body photoIt doesn’t matter these days what your excuse is with regards to not exercising.  There are so many types of exercises that are available these days that there is enough variety for you to enjoy your exercise while still collecting the benefits.

I am personally more of a group participation exercise as I do not like to workout on my own, I find that quite boring.  So you will hardly find me on a treadmill for extended periods of time.  I would much rather run with friends on the beach, play beach soccer or beach volley ball.  This does not mean that I do not do other types of exercises, I do, however it is just to keep certain part of my body in shape.

I basically have a two part routine when it come to exercise.  The first part is quite simple, I predominately do the exercise I enjoy doing, this keeps me fit and at my ideal weight.  The second part is to do specific exercises that help shape and tone my body.  I do not particular like these exercises however I do like the results, so its a decent trade off in my mind.

In conclusion, do the workout that you like doing as often as is healthy, this will give you the best boost.

I hope you enjoy my site, look around and see if there are any types of exercises that you think would suite you.


Kind Regards,