Achieving a goal + Rugged Maniac recap

Happy Saturday friends! Normally I don’t write on Saturdays, but I wanted to pop in to recap the Rugged Maniac race and share some exciting news!

First, my news! A long term goal of mine has been to do a true, unassisted pull-up. Today, after the race, we had to stop by John’s work, so I was goofing around in the gym. I try a pull-up whenever I am there, because I don’t have access to a bar anywhere else. I don’t know how, but I did it!!! I even sort of did two in a row!! Who am I?! I haven’t even been lifting much this summer. I attribute the sudden success to my recovery from overtraining. Sometimes, when you plateau, when you finally bust through you make crazy progress. I was seriously dancing around the gym. Of course, I left my phone in the car, so no pics or video, ugh!

Now, the race! Here’s the recap in pictures, pros and cons are at the bottom.

I loved that you could see a lot of the obstacles from the spectator area because they were so concentrated at the end. You could also get really really close to the racers, which would be extra cool if you have friends or family there.

photo 4 photo 5

Do you see that slide? You can’t tell from the picture, but it looks MUCH steeper when you are standing at the top. I am not super afraid of heights, but I’m not great with them either. I was panicking at the top and screamed bloody murder the whole way down (but it was soooo fun sliding).

“Before” shot with Mountain Maniac in the 1I was afraid it would be storming because the forecast was iffy, but just before out start time everything cleared out and it was really sunny (and hot) the whole time we were there.

The course itself was pretty easy (especially coming off the Spartan). It was very flat, and none of the obstacles were really challenging, but they were fun. I would definitely recommend this race, especially for someone’s first OCR. Running is always tough for me, but overall it was just having a blast rather than being super intense or physically demanding.

Finisher! There wasn’t much mud, but there was a good amount of muddy water, so we were still quite gross, even though you can’t tell in the picture.

photo 1They had bananas, oranges, and bottled water at the finish line, which is definitely the best spread I have seen so far.

photo 2

We think we are so tough.

And maybe we are, since now we are RUGGED…

photo 1 MANIACS!

photo 2

(get it? get it? Rugged… MANIACS? I seriously thought I was the funniest person on the planet when I thought of taking those)

After the race, we moved on to the after party! The vendors were amazing with tons of free samples. I LOVED the music, it was like a dance party (I busted out some Zumba moves, obvi). There was a mechanical bull, a granol bar from Bear Naked, my fav granola, and an overall party atmosphere.

photo 1

field_119484997451cf466649521photo 2

The only downside was the insanely long line for the free beer. But hey, it’s free beer! Or at least, it’s included beer at a race that is already much more affordable than competitors. Who is complaining? Actually, lots of people did, which was just ridiculous.

photo (16)

I mean, the line was crazy long, but it went fast and you could pass the time by dancing! At least that’s what I did…


  • Awesome party atmosphere, great music, and great vibe overall.
  • Great vendors with tons of free samples.
  • Lots of visible obstacles + spectators could really really get up close (I thought some of them were racers they were so close).
  • Fun obstacles and generally easy course. We just had a great time running it, and it is excellent for newbies and anyone looking to just have fun.
  • More affordable than most OCRs (especially if you got your entry through Zozi like we did).
  • FREE parking, bag check, and beer.
  • The free t-shirt is higher quality than the others I have seen, AND they have women’s specific shirts, which is nice.


  • The timing chips didn’t work. We didn’t care, but I’m sure some people were upset.
  • Generally easy course. While this is nice when you just want to have fun, if you are looking for something super challenging, this may not be it. HOWEVER, there were definitely lots of people there who are new to fitness, who were challenged, which is excellent and hats off to them for pushing out of their comfort zone.
  • The venue was good for the most part, but there were some sections where we were basically running zig-zags over a former airfield, and al that pavement was a little rough on a hot day.
  • Not very family friendly. No problem for us, and there were definitely still kids there, but not the focus for sure.
  • No medals.


I would absolutely run this race again and would definitely recommend it as well.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and get ready for the July Abs Challenge on Monday!! The first workout will go up tomorrow 🙂


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