Adapting to stay committed

First up, super exciting news!!! Today, I found out that I was accepted as a Sweat Pink Ambassador AND a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador! I’m insanely excited about both of these opportunities and will have lots more on this soon 🙂 Now on to my planned post…

So far this summer has not been the best workout buddy I’ve ever had. Part of it is my ongoing comeback from my overtraining setback. Part of it is probably my unrealistic expectations (I had dreams of daily yoga and Zumba practice mixed with HIITs and lifting). But mainly, I’ve had to adapt to completely new circumstances (and I’ve been stubborn about it).

As you may know, we are living in Boston this summer. What you may not know is that John, the dogs, and I are all packed into less than 340 square feet (we’re staying in the rough equivalent of an extended stay hotel suite). While this is perfect from an economics standpoint (we are still paying for our NY apartment since we’ll be back in a few weeks), it has presented some challenges.

Space is not one of them. There is always enough space to workout! I promise. My problem has been timing. I’m a morning workout girl through and through, but I refuse to do anything that might wake up John, which seriously limits my options. He says he doesn’t care, but the fact  is that I care and I won’t give it my all knowing he is trying to sleep three feet away. I tried working out after I got home from work, but by then I’m hungry for dinner, and I end up skipping it to eat (bad me!).

For the first week, I chalked all this up to adapting to a new schedule (and in fairness, that has definitely been part of it). By the second week, it was clear I needed to come up with a new plan, but instead of being creative and coming up with alternatives, I wasted time being cranky about how much I miss the workouts I’d rather be doing. I miss Zumba and kickboxing and pull-up practice and heavy lifting. Well last week I finally decided to suck it up buttercup and get it together!

If you’re going to be committed, sometimes that means you need to adapt.

I know that morning workouts is what works for me, so I had to find something that would work. Option 1 was getting out of the house. First has been taking advantage of a nearby track:

photo 1It’s safe, there are other runners there (but not too many), and the fixed interval of a track gives you a lot of options. Yes, I still hate running, but I’m willing to suffer to keep myself on track for a couple months. As an added bonus, as I get better, I’m not hating it quite so much. Conveniently located at the track are stairs, another excellent workout tool:

photo 2Last week I did two different workouts at the track, I’ve already done one this week, and I have two more scheduled.

photo 3

Lifting is another thing I can do in the morning. I may not have access to a gym, but I still have my home weights, and I can do a lot with 24 pound adjustable dumbbells!

Last up is yoga. I’ve mentioned before that I normally use yogaglo. I’ve thought about investing in wireless headphones so I can play the videos without waking John, but decided a better approach was to try some sequences on my own. Ashtanga primary series is a fixed sequence of postures that I have done several times and feel comfortable practicing on my own. I’m also experimenting with some apps to build my own practice.

photo 4I’m on my second week of this new, very different workout schedule, but I already feel 100x better than I did our first two weeks here. It’s good to challenge my body in new ways, and I’m able to keep working toward my goals. No more excuses!


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