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Current/coming changes + more {thinking out loud}

I have lots of random thoughts today, and since it’s Thursday, I thought it would be perfect to link up with Amanda.


1. Normally, I would be teaching Zumba tonight, but I’m not, and that’s change number one. Because of some personal things I have going on, I cut my schedule way back (to one class per week). It was the right decision, but it was also sudden. It’s silly, but I’m sad about it. I really love my students in the classes I cut. They have amazing energy and I’ll miss that, plus I feel like I let them down. With our move to Boston coming up in just a few months, it was inevitable anyway, but still.

2. Have you guys seen the preview for Divergent? More importantly, have you read the series?


If you saw my nerdy girl reading list post, you know I’m a HUGE fan. And if you saw my thoughts on the release of Ender’s Game as a movie, you can probably guess that I am not excited about the Divergent movie. I am already shouting at the TV during preview where I feel like they are misconstruing or oversimplifying the story/premise. Also the cast doesn’t look the way I pictured them in my head… and I like my pictures!

3. As nice as it is to have the sun up longer in the evenings, the time change is really messing with my mornings. For weeks, I’ve been waking up with the sun, without an alarm at all – which is glorious. The sun was coming up at just the right time, and since I don’t have early classes, there’s no risk of oversleeping. Now, that’s all off by an hour. I may have to resort back to my sunrise alarm clock. I love getting up early because it’s so peaceful. And the ultra-competitive Type-A in me loves getting started on my day while the world is still sleeping.

4. Exactly two months from today, I’ll graduate from law school.

graduation i never finish anything

In some ways it has been a long three years, and in other ways it has flown by. Normally, I would say I can’t wait for my life to really start, but Amy’s post yesterday has me rethinking that mentality. As she says, it’s not like this is a dress rehearsal.

That said, I’m excited to move, and I’m excited to start working with the intention of continuing to work into the foreseeable future. And I can’t help counting down because lets be real, law school is the pits.

5. The first week of January, I ordered the best tank top ever. The best. Then something happened and it never came and it’s been this crazy back and forth with the company but finally, two months later, it arrived!!

om at me broHysterical. I love it so much. So worth the wait and the frustration.

6. Don’t forget to enter my MASH Up Conditioning DVD giveaway! It ends tomorrow and there are not a lot of entries, so you’re extra likely to win!

Questions: Have you read Divergent, if so how do you feel about the movie? Are your mornings still out of whack? Should I have a graduation party and if so, wanna come? 🙂

How K & J do Valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day is a week from today! I know a lot of people aren’t the biggest fan of the holiday, but I really like it. I love love, and I love celebrating love.

For people who don’t like Valentine’s Day, I usually hear some combination of three major themes:

  1. It doesn’t mean anything. “I don’t need a special day to show my person I love them.”
  2. It’s expensive. Because restaurants, florists, etc. jack up prices.
  3. Unmet expectations. It seems to be a major source of angst when someone’s partner doesn’t live up to their expectation for the day.

A few years ago, John and I started a tradition addresses all of these issues (in my opinion), so I thought I’d share it with you guys today! So without further ado, here is how Kim and John do Valentine’s Day.


So one year, back when we were dating, John and I were trying to decide how to spend the holiday. (Note: The year before, John made plans at a fabulous restaurant, confirmed they had a vegetarian option, and then we arrived to discover they switched to a special menu at the last minute and there was nothing for me to eat. We left, wandered around town, and found a random chain restaurant with open tables.) Ultimately, we realized all we wanted was to spend it together.  We were just out of grad school so we were on a budget, and it seemed silly to spend a bunch of money to go to a restaurant where, if anything, it would be harder to enjoy each other’s company.

At the time, “cooking” for us was boiling water to make some pasta, so we decided to that instead of going out, we would find a recipe we would never take the time to make normally and spend the night cooking it together. We also agreed there would be no gifts, since the real gift was being together. Are you rolling your eyes at how sappy and cliche we are? Stop it, we’re adorable. Every year we make something different, and we always make an effort to make the meal romantic: wine, dessert, a new plant in place of traditional flowers.


Planning it together takes the pressure off. Staying in cuts way down on the cost. And it’s meaningful because instead of focusing on a big gesture, we just focus on each other. Here’s a look back at our menus. I know they probably aren’t impressive to all you superstar chefs, but for us, these were big undertakings. 🙂

2011: Tofu parmigiana, pasta, and gingerbread tart

Tofu parm 2011 Valentines 2011 gingerbread tart 2011

2012: John was working a job with late hours, so we opted to skip dinner and stuck to wine. It was 5 months until our wedding we worked on planning. <3

2013: Champagne, cauliflower crust greek pizza, zucchini boats, chocolate covered strawberries.


Luna is hilarious.DSCF7261 DSCF7267

She loves to eat (and apparently doesn’t realize there is spinach on her back).
DSCF7279 DSCF7282DSCF7285

2014: TBD! All we’ve decided on is chocolate fondu since we got a set for Christmas.

Sorry for the photo explosion, I had fun looking back. 🙂 Obviously, this is what works for us, and may not for other people. I just thought it would be fun to share and maybe give a little inspiration.

Questions: How do you spend Valentines? Is there anything you’d like to know about John or the two of us (I’m planning a “K + J behind the scenes” special for V-Day)?

Long weekend {MIMM}

Note: Don’t forget to enter The Color Run giveaway!

Normally on Mondays, I do a weekend recap because, you know, the weekend is the most marvelous part of the week! If you couldn’t guess from the title of this post, the most marvelous thing about my weekend is that it isn’t over yet.

Even though I’m still in weekend mode, I thought I’d pop in to share some of the highlights from the weekend anyway.

Friday was a gorgeous day here, so John and I took the dogs for a nice long walk on the trail by our apartment. I tend to hide inside once it gets cold, so it was really nice to get outdoors. It’s good for the soul.


It doesn’t even look like winter.



Saturday morning I headed to spinning for what turned out to be an amazing class. I mean, I always love spinning, but this was extra good. I felt strong, the playlist was packed with all my favs and I was just feeling it. Aren’t those workouts the best? I left on a total endorphin high. That high continued because John and I made ourselves a lovely brunch!


GF pancakes, ultra-seasoned breakfast potatoes, clementines, and a mimosa (for me, John had a beer-mosa). I can’t wait to have a non-student schedule so we can do things like this more often. Who needs to go out and pay a fortune when you can create a romantic brunch at home? Not us 🙂

While we were eating some crazy snow swept in. It was like lake effect if you’ve ever experienced it. Enormous clumps of snowflakes falling out of the sky. We watched the chaos of drivers skidding everywhere for a little while. It came up so fast and unexpectedly.

IMG_4580(can you see how big the flakes are?)


(now it looks like winter!)

My bracelets from The Shine Project came, and I love them!


The ran a new years special where you could choose your own inscription. I chose “be present” since it is one of my monthly resolutions.

We spent the afternoon cleaning and organizing, with a little break for some abs on the TRX. The dogs did not appreciate being barricaded out of the living room.


They are so pathetic… but adorable.

Sunday started with spinning again, followed by a day of forever errands. Taking my computer to the Apple store for repairs (all better now), goodwill, groceries, and shopping for a dress. Next weekend we are headed to Boston for my future employer’s holiday party and I needed something appropriate for a formal but professional event. I’m obsessed with the dress I found at TJ Maxx (total maxx-inista), but you’ll have to wait for next weekend to see it. All in all it took several hours and we were both tired and ready to be home by the end. Especially since we had to catch the Pats game!

I attempted to make myself a red drink that ended up more purple. I suspect that’s what jinxed us.


I wish I could say it was a fun game to watch, but for Patriots fans it really wasn’t.


(blissfully unaware of how badly things are about to go)

Oh well. At least next season we’ll be Bostonians!

Thanks as always to Katie, the Healthy Diva for hosting the MIMM party!

Questions: Should I become a spinning instructor? (Someone asked me if I was this weekend and it got be thinking, I feel like I won’t have time once school ends anyway, but spin is so early at most gyms. Hmmm…) Does it look like winter where you are? How did you spend your weekend?

Back to school {MIMM}

Happy Monday everyone!

Today is the first (official) day of my LAST semester of law school!!!!!! Just a few short months until:

im outta here

In fact, it’s exactly four months until graduation. If that’s not marvelous, I don’t know what is!

If you’re new to the blog, on Monday’s I share all things marvelous as part of the Marvelous in My Monday (MIMM) link-up hosted by Katie, the Healthy Diva. Make sure you head over to check out all the other marvelousness in blogland this week. 🙂

Other than starting my last semester, today’s marvelousness comes in the form of a weekend recap, as usual.

Saturday, I was up early and saw that one of my Cody App friends had called me out and challenged me to attempt peacock pose. So, I rolled out of bed and gave it a shot.

peacock pose attempt


I’m still a long way from the full version of this pose. I can lift the legs, but not hold them. With my legs crossed or in lotus, I can hold it. Rumor is, it’s all about finding the balance point, nothing to do with strength. If you get the counter-balance right, then your legs just lift, so I’ll keep at it. But, I also tried entering the pose with bent knees, which led to a tumble. My main point in sharing this is this. If you follow me on IG, and here to some extent, you see a lot of yoga pics. What you don’t see, is all my yoga bloopers. I lose my balance, I fall, I retake a picture as many times as I need to to get one that I like. It’s not all grace and serenity 🙂

Later on Saturday, John and I headed out to brunch. I don’t usually share outfits, but I was very proud of what I put together so I snapped a picture. I rocked my new boots from John and a new scarf from my mom. I’m so in love with them both!

winter outfit

For brunch itself, we finally tried out a southwestern restaurant we’ve been talking about going to for ages.

santa fesanta fe burrito

The guacamole was insanely creamy and delicious. I want to steal their recipe.

Saturday we met up with our best couple friends in New Jersey for a Devils game! We had drinks and snacks at their place before heading to the arena.

devils rink

Even though I don’t follow a particular team, I LOVE hockey. We don’t really have football in Vermont where I grew up. It’s a hockey state, and we take it just as seriously. Since we were in NJ, we cheered on the Devils, and the won, in overtime, at literally the last second. It was crazy! Cue mascot victory laps.

devils win

It was so so so good catching up with them. They were both in our wedding, and we used to live across the street from them when we first met in Florida. Even though we’re all in the NYC area, since we’re an hour apart, we just don’t see them enough.

devils game group selfie

Love you guys!

Sunday I was up early for spinning! I’m seriously getting addicted.

spin class

I get there crazy early because the class always fills up. There’s no sign up at our gym, so you just have to hope there’s a bike open. Is it me, or is spinning really having a comeback lately? I feel like spinning was popular in like, the early 2000s, and then disappeared. Now I feel like it’s everywhere, but I can’t decide if it’s just that I have fallen in love.

The rest of the day was spent reading for class and catching up on blog stuff. Along with the Golden Globes!

blog plus golden globes

I’m definitely not up and up on pop culture or anything, but we’ve been watching the shows lately so we can find out what we are missing 🙂

And last but not least, since they haven’t been on the blog lately, here’s Saige trying to foam roll.

saige foam roll

Actually she is trying to get over it to get to John, but close enough.

Questions: What’s making your Monday marvelous? Are you a hockey fan? Is spinning making a comeback?

Friday favs {products} & other randomness

Happy Friday! This week has been so bizarre. Yesterday I was back to school, but today was canceled because of the snow storm currently pounding the northeast. Tomorrow is the weekend, but I have class on Saturday because it’s an intercession class which means it has a very unique schedule. But then Sunday is off? I just… it’s all very confusing.

Anyway, since most of blog world has been on a hiatus (including me) I don’t have links to share. Instead, I thought I’d share some things I’m loving right now!

Body back buddy

I got this from John for Christmas and I’m in love.


It looks crazy, but you use it to hit pressure points in your back, and let me just tell you, it’s amazing. We were passing it around Christmas morning and no one wanted to give it up. I thought my mom might steal it.

body back buddy


Noosa yoghurt is made in Colorado, and my sister introduced me to it over the holidays. I was so so happy when I found it in our local grocery store!


It’s Australian style, which I had never heard of (although I’m sure Jan and Arman know all about it!) and it’s crazy delicious. I can’t believe it can be this delicious and not be terrible for you. I’m loving the strawberry rhubarb flavor!

New boots!

I’ve been in desperate need of warm boots for a while, and my other gift from John was two new pairs!

tall warm boots

short warm boots

warm boots outfit


My mom got a new cuisinart, so she passed her old one on to me – jackpot! I always see recipes that call for a food processor, and I’m too kitchen-challenged to figure out how to do without one. Now I can finally try them!

cuisinartMoncalvina moscato

Moscato is my favorite wine. I know it’s too sweet for many people, but not me. While I was visiting my bestie for her birthday/new years, I tried this bottle and fell in love. It’s from Italy, but I’m hoping I can find it around here. If not, I might have to see if I can order it or something.

moscatoSpeaking of her birthday/new years, here is my fav pic from the night, for your entertainment:

new yearsIt was 15 below zero, so I was showing off this stunning combo of LBD + down jacket. #stylin I crack myself up.

That’s all for now! If it’s storming near you, stay safe and enjoy the snow!

Questions: Have you tried Australian yogurt? What’s your fav kind of wine? Any fun suggestions for vegetarian recipes to make with my cuisinart?

Making time {MIMM}

Hello lovelies and happy Monday! I hope you’re getting your week off to a mahhhhhhvelous start.

Today’s Marvelous in My Monday post is all about staying active even when you’re busy. This is something I struggled with for a long time, and I think a lot of other people struggle with as well. When your schedule picks up, your workout feels like the easiest thing to cut to save time. Right?False. First, if you’re like me, letting your workouts fall by the wayside just leaves you feeling crappy, cranky, and even more stressed by whatever stressed you enough to drop them in the first place. Second, exercise can make you more productive, so you aren’t really “saving” time, you may actually lose time overall.

Even though I know both of those things, I still have to really fight my natural tendency to keep working and force myself to stop and get my body moving. I mentioned yesterday that with the end of the semester approaching, things have been getting pretty hectic. Even though I worked a lot this weekend, I still fit some active time in, and that’s what’s making my Monday marvelous. 🙂


I haven’t been to spinning in around three years, and I only went a few times. Back then, it felt like everyone was into spin, and I wanted to to try it out. I liked the workout at the time, but I got bored, and the seat was killing me, so I spent the whole time watching the clock. Recently, I’ve been looking for something to mix up my normal routine, and a lot of fellow bloggers have been talking about spinning (mostly runners cross-training because of injuries), so I decided to give it another chance this weekend.


Verdict? I loooooved it. The whole time I just felt so in tune with how hard I was working, the music was super motivating, I was dying in an awesome way, and I left feeling super energized and invigorated. I’ll definitely be going back next weekend. Yay!


On Sunday, John and I headed across the river to check out the trails on the “mountain” we can see from our porch. It turned out to be more of a walk with a few inclines than a hike, but it was a beautiful couple hours, and we got to bring the dogs, which always makes things more fun.


The trail started out right by the river, which was really nice, although slightly nerve racking since Luna looooves to swim.



And, it was super cool to see the rock face up close after taking pictures of it for over a year.




After a while we took a side trail up part of the mountain. It was pretty awesome since most people stick to the path by the water. It felt like we were a million miles away from everything, with the river on one side, the mountain on the other, the leaves completely covering the trail, and no one around.


There are tons of cool (and slightly creepy) old ruins in the area. The lake on the far side was once used to supply all of the ice for New York City. They harvested it and floated it down the Hudson. Isn’t that crazy to think about? We think all the old buildings are leftover from those days.


I love that John and I can get in a workout and spend time together at the same time, without having to plan it to be either. Also, he loves goofy pictures just like I do. I’m so lucky 🙂


Oh you know, just shovin’ down trees.


And doing some overhead presses. Nbd.



It was a beautiful and marvelous study break.

It can be hard, really hard to commit to taking the time to be active, but I try to remind myself that if I don’t, I’m only hurting myself in the long run. So far, so good. Hopefully I can keep it up through December!

Thanks to Katie for hosting!

Questions: Have you ever fallen for a workout you once passed up because you didn’t like it? Do you feel more productive on the days you work out? Are you and your partner/bestie/person (Grey’s anyone?) active together? What’s making your Monday marvelous?

Making it “blog official”

Do people still say things are “facebook-official?” When I was in college that was the thing with relationships: “ooooooohhh you are so-and-so are facebook official!” These days in my life nothing feels real until it’s blog-official, so I’m excited to share a little life announcement with you!

get a jobNo, this doesn’t have anything to do with health or fitness, but I can finally announce that I have a JOB lined up for after graduation! It’s still a loooong time away (I won’t start until September), but I’m so so so excited.

I’ll be working for the same law firm that I worked for this summer, assuming I pass the bar exam (eek!). And, if you’ve been reading for a while, you know this also means that I’m moving to…



Ahhhh my dream come true! I’ve been wanting to tell you guys, but I had to wait until John told his work, just in case anyone there read this. 🙂 I’ll miss the friends I’ve made in New York, but John and I looooove Boston and feel like it’s the perfect place for us to put down roots. I’m so thankful that we have the opportunity to do so. We won’t be moving until May or June, but the countdown has already started!

Enjoy your weekend loves!

Questions: Anybody in Boston want to be my friend when we move? Fun plans for the weekend?


Getting more out of mornings {BusyTips}

Apologies in advance for this slightly long and generally photo-less post. A few weeks ago, I mentioned I had made a potentially life changing purchase. At the time, I didn’t want to tell you more, because I wasn’t sure if it would actually BE life changing. What did I buy? A sunrise alarm clock! (i.e. I paid for it, this is NOT a sponsored post, this company doesn’t know I exist)

sunrise alarm clockVerdict: Life changing!

Let me back up a little.

I am a morning person. Like a bright-eyed, no coffee needed (hate the stuff), obnoxiously energetic morning person. For me, any time lost in the morning is kinda devastating to my day. My mind is slowing way down by early afternoon and I’ve mostly burned out by 5pm or so. I can still get things done, but I work much less efficiently, so I’m less productive and my brain feels bogged down, so I’m less creative. As a result, I’ve always tried to wake up as early as I possibly can so I can power through to-do lists while most of the world is still sleeping. I started this in college, and it’s one of the main ways I’m able to take on so much at once and lead my happily busy life.

Every year fall, a wrench is thrown into this well-oiled machine as the sun starts to rise later and later. Why does the sunrise matter? Because I am extremely light sensitive (something that has been linked to seasonal affective disorder, a post for another day). Basically, this means if there is light around, my body is awake, and if it is dark, it wants to sleep. It’s almost impossible for me to sleep past sunrise or take a nap during the day, and it makes driving difficult after sunset because my body is actively trying to go to sleep, even if it’s only 6pm. So when the days get shorter and shorter, I struggle to wake up as early as I would like to because it’s still pitch black outside.

Enter the sunrise alarm clock. Sunrise alarm clocks are essentially a lamp on a timer that gradually brightens over a set period of time before your alarm, for mine, that period is 30 minutes. Whether you are a morning person or not, light sensitive or not, humans are naturally cued to wake up by increased amounts of light. The goal with these products is to wake you up naturally, so you feel more rested. If you can wake up to the light before the alarm goes off, you will wake up out of a lighter sleep cycle, rather than getting jarred from a deeper sleep cycle by your alarm.

I purchased this model because it is an official light therapy product of the National Sleep Foundation, but there are lots of other models to choose from, some are less expensive and some are more expensive. This is more of a concept review than a product review, so I’m not going to go into the specifics, but if you have questions about it specifically, let me know in the comments. 🙂 Now, on to the life changing results:

It wakes me up naturally… to a point

Obviously, this isn’t some miracle device that will wake you up at 4am if you’ve been up until 3am. I mentioned a few weeks ago I was (stupidly) cutting back on sleep to try and keep up with my workload. On mornings like that when I haven’t allowed myself a full night’s sleep (for me, 8 hours), I don’t wake up naturally to the light before the alarm hits. However, if I’ve gotten a full night’s sleep the past couple of nights and before the morning in question, the light is enough to wake me up. It’s amazing! It’s the perfect, most refreshing way to wake up (other than actual sunshine and birds chirping of course).

Even when it doesn’t, it still works

It’s nice to wake up naturally feeling rested and refreshed instead or groggy and disoriented, but that’s not really why I personally invested in the product. For me, even if I sleep right up until the alarm because I haven’t given myself enough time to sleep, this product is STILL amazing. The alarm goes off, and I open my eyes to a light-filled room. I shut the alarm off and get out of bed, usually with no snoozing. I used to snooze my alarm for up to an hour (!!), where as if I snooze now, it’s only for about 5 minutes. An extra hour every morning makes a huge difference, especially for someone who relies on mornings to keep up with life.

Whether you are a morning person or not, I think this product could be hugely beneficial to help you get a little more out of your day. For people who struggle to find time to work out, waking up a little bit earlier can give you that time, even if it’s only 20-30 minutes (HIIT for the win!). However, please remember the importance of getting an adequate amount of sleep! This isn’t a way to cheat your body – it still needs enough rest – it’s just a way to cheat the seasons.

Questions: Are you a morning person? Are you light sensitive? Have you tried or would you try a sunrise alarm? Would you guys be interested a series of posts with BusyBod tips for other busy people (nothing set schedule or weekly, just a general theme)?

A marvelous Life Partner reunion {MIMM}

Hellooooo and happy Monday! I have to say, I’m feeling much cheerier than I have in weeks. Part of it is the fast approaching end of the semester, part of it is the upcoming holiday season, but most of it is my marvelous weekend with one of my absolute best friends!

Lindsay, her fiance Alex, and their dog Parker were with us all weekend and we had a blast. Because of crazy schedules and the several hours between us, we haven’t gotten together for more than a few hours in over a year. I’m not sure how we let this happen but you can bet it won’t be happening again. Luckily, we talk every day thanks to the almighty google – gchat for the win! Lindsay and I met waitressing at the same restaurant many years ago, and were almost instantly joined at the hip. Kind of literally. One weekend she was out of town and the staff was grabbing drinks after work. Our boss glanced around the bar before bellowing across the room at me “where’s your life partner Lindsay?!” I died laughing, called and woke her in the middle of the night to tell her about it, and we have been calling each other Life Partner ever since.

They arrived late on Friday, and we enjoyed some mulled wine sangria while catching up.

winter sangria

I guess this is a more wintery recipe, but to me it also tastes like fall. Either way, I highly suggest you make it. It’s more delicious than my terrible picture suggests, I promise.

Saturday morning we made breakfast, and then John headed off to work. The rest of us took the dogs and went out for a super long, extra beautiful 8 mile walk through the woods on the trail by our house.


dog walk

Normally, this is where John and I run, and I love running there because it’s pretty and peaceful, but I never realized how much I was missing because I was busy watching my feet!


I think this weekend was our peak for foliage. So many pretty colors!


It was also a great way to be active while still being able to talk the whole time.

Shortly after we got back, John got home, and it was time for the drink we had all been waiting for – bourbon pumpkin pie milkshakes! I felt kind of tough buying bourbon. The guy at the liquor store was like “Jim Beam-ing it tonight?” and I was all like yeahh you know. Then on the way to the car I remembered it was for milkshakes, which are 0% tough but 100% delicious.

bourbon pumpkin milkshake

I pinned the recipe like two years ago and completely forgot about it because it was summer at the time, and I’m sooo glad I found it again. There is nothing healthy about this recipe, so I’m glad we only had enough ice cream to make one for each of us, because I think we would have kept drinking them all night and ended up in the hospital.

bourbon pumpkin milkshake

After our drinks, we headed out to Bridge View Tavern, a restaurant in town we have been meaning to try.


I had heard amazing things, but people mostly talk about the view (of the bridge… duh). Since we have the same view from our porch (only better, in my opinion), it seemed silly to pay to eat for the same view. Turns out I was the silly one because the food was incredible! So incredible I forgot to take pictures… Here is my one terrible, unappetizing shot of the remnants of the best salad I’ve had in years, possibly ever.


Luckily, I did remember to snap a picture of the pumpkin martini I ordered:

pumpkin martini

I may seriously have to break in and steal this recipe. The only ingredient listed on the menu is pumpkin vodka (how did I not know that existed?), but I assume the remainder is sunshine, rainbows, and a slice of pure fall extract. Cinnamon sugar rim?! I mean seriously, can that just be standard on all fall drinks forever?

On our walk back home, we popped in to one other bar where the boys watched football and we had more time to catch up.


I ordered this beer solely because the tap was a wizard. This is how I make life decisions.

blue point wizard

Then it was back to the house for a few rounds of Quelf!


Have you ever played this game? It is hilarious. I don’t know how to explain it, you just have to play. It’s kind of like Cranium, only way weirder and more hysterical. I played for the first time at my other bestie’s birthday last year and John and I bought it the first time we saw it in stores. I’m hoping I can convince my family to play when we are home for the holidays.

We were up late, so Sunday everyone slept in and then they headed back on their way. I spent the rest of the day catching up on work and relaxing with John. A pretty perfect weekend if I do say so myself 🙂

Thanks to Katie for hosting!

Questions: Do you and your friends have weird nicknames for each other, or is that just something weird that I do with my friends? Have you ever played Quelf? Are you so inspired by the pumpkin pie bourbon that you’re making a shake for breakfast? How do you keep in touch with friends who are far away?

November, the Cody app, & more

Good morning lovelies 🙂 Thank you all so much for your kind words and thoughtful comments on yesterday’s post. Today’s post is much less serious and has no theme whatsoever, just some random thoughts to send you off into the weekend. 🙂

1. How is it November?? I know I’ve been hoping that time will speed up lately, but it still blows my mind. Thanksgiving is less than four weeks away, the end of the semester is a month and a half away, and before we know it, it will be 2014. To celebrate the month of November, I’m not hosting my own challenge. Instead, I’m going to participate in the #GratefulYogi challenge on instagram. There is a pose for every day, and every day you focus on one thing you are thankful for. My goal is to not only do the posture, but practice at least a few minutes of yoga everyday, dedicated to what I’m thankful for. I’ll share my gratitude here to, either daily or in a weekly round-up. Let me know if you are joining in and we can get our ohm on together. 🙂

2. Halloween Zumba was so fun yesterday! I hope my students enjoyed it as much as I did. It was a smaller group (understandably), and I had six new Halloween themed routines. Oh, and I dressed up. Obvi.

halloween zumba

This was after class so it’s a bit of a mess, but my costume held up shockingly well! Also, I’ve eaten so much candy. So much. Now I’m craving health food, probably because I’m nutrient deficient. Whoops.

3. Are you guys on the Cody app or have you heard of it? I’m not sure if I was living under a rock, but I hadn’t heard of it until I read about it on Elise’s blog. It’s basically twitter/instagram for fitness! There are workout plans you can follow, paid or free, and you can log any kind of workout. I just signed up and so far I’m loving it. I think it can be an awesome tool for accountability, plus it’s fun! Since I’m new to it, I’m not sure how to tell you how to find me on there, but try searching “Kim @ BusyBod” or just BusyBod. I was using my real name, but I changed it so I’d be easier to find.

4. It’s finally Friday! While I’m always excited for Friday, today is extra exciting because one of my best friends is coming to town. Eek! We both have crazy schedules, so it’s been over a year (!!!) since we have spent more than a few hours together when our paths cross. Luckily, we talk pretty much every day (thank you gchat!), but reunions are so much better!

5. Since it’s Friday, it’s also the last day of the Quest protein bar giveaway! You have until the end of the day to enter. I’ll choose a winner this weekend 🙂

Since my random post ended up being five things long, I’m linking up!

Questions: How was your Halloween? Are you in a sugar coma? Are you on Cody? Will you be giving thanks throughout November? Any fun weekend plans?

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