Check me out over at Wine to Weightlifting!

Ok guys, I have something I’m SUPER excited to share! I’ve been meaning to do a more in depth post about the importance of strength training and why I love lifting since I started this blog. Then, much to my shock and delight, I was approached by one of my fav bloggers, Jennifer, who writes over at Wine to Weightlifting (amazing blog title right?) about being featured in her weekly Lady Lifter Spotlight. Cue hyperactive fangirl freakout! So today, in lieu of a longer post here, I hope you’ll go check out my spotlight to read about how I got started in lifting, why you should try it if you haven’t already (seriously, do it!), and my favorite thing about lifting heavy. While you’re there I hope you’ll spend some time on her blog because she seriously rocks. 🙂 Here is the link: Lady Lifter Spotlight.



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