July Abs Challenge Details!

So I completely failed at WIAW today by not taking pictures of any food recently. But, in its place, I’m super excited to share the calendar for the July Abs Challenge!! As I mentioned before, abs are my weakest area and something I never feel like I’m working enough. I’ve always been self-conscious about my stomach, so I’m hoping a month of dedication to my some-day six-pack will help set me on the right path 🙂

The challenge gets underway on Monday but I wanted to post the calendar earlier so everyone can invite others to join in! When you commit to something like this with friends it makes you accountable and keep you motivated, so do it! I’ll be doing the workouts right along with you. Without further ado, here is my masterpiece!

Slide1Here’s what you need to know:

-The Workouts – There are five total workouts – TabatABs, Iron Pumping Abs, Waist Whittler, Low Ab Love, and Plank Party – plus the 10 min challenge. Each workout is around ten minutes long, so it’s super easy to fit into your day. Everyone has ten minutes! I’ll post each workout individually at least the day before it first appears on the calendar, if not earlier. There will be links to each one over in the sidebar, along with the calendar, so you can access them easily.

– Rest Days – There is one day off each week. I chose Sunday as the rest day because that’s when I do my long runs (and therefore have a long workout scheduled already), but you can rest whatever day works for you, just shift the rest of the schedule!

– What if you miss the first day? – Just jump in any time! The workouts are not progressive, the cycle just varies to mix things up and keep it interesting, but you could start on the first day whenever or just jump in at the middle.

– What if the workouts are too hard? – Feel free to modify moves or cut down on the number of reps or rounds, but try to push yourself out of your comfort zone. That’s when your body changes!

– What if the workouts are too easy? – Then kudos to you rockstar! Add an extra round, extra reps, or increase your weight in the weighted exercises. You can also try slowing down your reps, the less momentum you use, the more your muscles have to work.

I am SO excited! Who is joining in?



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