MIMM – Exciting times + attitude adjustment

Happy Marvelous in my Monday, hosted by the Katie, the Healthy Diva herself! I have so much to share today so lets get right to it.

Glittery fabulousness!

The first thing marvelous for me today is my new design! I know a lot of you saw it yesterday but I just can’t get over it, I’m in love. And, now you all know about my glitter obsession. Sorry I’m not sorry. If you need any blog work done, I can’t recommend Tasha from My Cute Lobster Designs enough, she is the best!

Myrtle Beach!

So, fun fact about me, I was in a sorority in college. And by in one, I mean president. And by president, I mean bursting with so much Delta Zeta pride that I lived and breathed it for three years. It was different where I went to school. Small engineering school = primarily awkward kids -> normal social kids flocking to Greek life to find each other.

DZ throwback

Why is this relevant? Well, on Friday I’m headed to Myrtle Beach for a reunion with the girls I pledged with! We try to get together every couple years and it is always a blast. I can’t wait!

PiYo Strength!

I’m going to be teaching a new format! Not this coming weekend but the weekend after that I’ll be attending a training for PiYo Strength. I’ll definitely share more as it gets closer, but PiYo is designed by Chalene Johnson (girl crush), the mastermind behind TurboFire, ChaLEAN Extreme, TurboKick, TurboJam, and Hip Hop Hustle. It’s basically a bodyweight strength class that draws on yoga, pilates, dance, and traditional bodyweight exercises. I think I’m going to love love love teaching the class.

Attitude adjustment

Since the semester started two weeks ago, I’ve been a bit of a Debbie downer/Eeyore/buzzkill/ whiner/grouch/negative nancy. This is not the way I like to be, and I’ve made an honest effort the past few years to be a more positive person (while maintaining my sarcasm of course). I certainly don’t want to spend the next 8 months moping and griping, so it’s time for an attitude adjustment! In that spirit, here are my “reasons to be positive despite being entrenched in my third year of law school” written in memo-to-me form:

thankful{source: pinterest}

  • Fall is coming and you love fall
  • Fall getting closer means the holidays are getting closer – your favorite time of year!!
  • You’re already freaked about how quickly you’re aging, so maybe stop trying to fast forward your life, mmk?
  • BUT at least when you can’t shake the desire to speed along to the end of this phase, being swamped at school makes the time go faster
  • Still being a student gives you the freedom to teach fitness, something you truly love!
  • You have an opportunity to enrich yourself through learning. Not everyone is so lucky. Try being appreciative instead of complaining.
  • Law review may be awful but formatting citations in footnotes and correcting grammar is a healthy outlet for you OCD tendencies so that’s good.
  • You have the flexibility to set your own schedule for the last time in the foreseeable future. THIS IS A LUXURY!
  • You can wear leggings and/or dress like a hobo everyday and no one will judge you. Embrace it. Soon you will have to dress like a lawyer.
  • Every day is a gift. Treat them that way.

grateful{source: pinterest}

Please realize if you are also in school or have also been negative lately this is not meant in any way to be judgmental or condescending or anything. It’s just an attempt to kick myself in my own a** so I will stop complaining about my first world problems and get back to living with a little more gratitude.

What are you grateful for today? What do you think of the new design? Have you ever been to Myrtle Beach? Were you in a sorority?

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16 comments on “MIMM – Exciting times + attitude adjustment

    1. BusyBod Post author

      I’m so glad to hear you liked it! I pitched it to my gym so I’m super nervous no one will think it’s as great as I do and it will be a bust.

    1. BusyBod Post author

      They so are! My first year of law school proclaimed that “law school is too hard for real pants” and I have lived by that mantra ever since 🙂

  1. Davida @ The Healthy Maven

    Gratitude lists always do the trick!!! Grateful for my family, my friends and my health (when it cooperates). A standard list but really they are the most important things in my life!!! Also the grass is always greener, there are days when I wish I were in school! But I’m sure if I were in school I’d rather not be 😉
    Davida @ The Healthy Maven recently posted…{MIMM} Weekend Recap 09/13-09/15My Profile

    1. BusyBod Post author

      The simple things are the most important! I love lists like this to force myself to get some perspective. All things considered, I’m a very lucky girl 🙂

    1. BusyBod Post author

      Thanks! I’m of the opinion now that all dumbbells should be sparkly (but still heavy, not light weights for me!!). When Tasha added them to the design I was like omg you clearly get me. 🙂

  2. Kim

    Love the new site!
    I think that all of us (even if we aren’t in school) go through periods where we need to make a list like yours to remind ourselves how great things really are.
    I wasn’t in a sorority.
    Kim recently posted…44…..My Profile

    1. BusyBod Post author

      Thanks! I totally agree. It’s so easy to lose perspective in the day to day. Taking time out to remember what you have is such a good habit (one I’m trying to establish).

  3. Susan

    Fun fact: I just got back from Myrtle Beach! I love it so much. I hope you have weather like we had while down there — About 88 degrees in the day time and 69 at night and endless sunshine!

    Also, I do PiYo strength and I love it so very much. I get a decent calorie burn but more than anything I have got a much better sense of balance. It gives me a happy, warm feeling too!
    Susan recently posted…MIMM: Myrtle Beach edition!My Profile

    1. BusyBod Post author

      Aw thanks chica!! The busier I get at school the less presentable I look. By finals it’s usually pretty horrifying 🙂


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