Pinterest Challenge: Sassy Water Review

Last week, I set out to review Sassy Water, a popular pin on Pinterest (so popular I repinned it twice from two different sites without realizing it! see the original post for background and recipe). I did the recommended four days, and now it’s time for the results!

sassy water

First, the taste was much better than I expected. I was a little hesitant about the ginger, but I actually really liked the combination of flavors. I missed it when Saturday rolled around and I went back to plain old boring water. I found it super easy to drink; I guzzled it all day and never had any trouble drinking the full 8.5 cups. I actually ended up drinking extra water because I would finish it up early and then be thirsty later. This was really the biggest takeaway for me – especially now that it has been a few days – I definitely drank more water than I normally would. Since that was really my goal, I felt like it was a big success in that sense.

There were a few big negatives here in my opinion. First, the prep time was annoying, especially at night. I am NOT a night person. John likes to laugh at me try to accomplish anything after 9pm (case in point, the last night of the challenge, I managed to cut my finger and slam my shin within a few minutes because I was up later than usual – ouch). This may not be an issue for some, and all the chopping only takes a few minutes, but I was relieved when the four days was over so I would have one less thing to do at night before bed. My second problem had to do with portability. I didn’t have any way to lug it all with me to work/class/etc, which made it hard to pace my consumption throughout the day. It worked out ok since I still had no problem finishing it all, but if others aren’t used to drinking so much during the day, it may be frustrating to have to chug a bunch in the morning and at night to get it all in. Finally, I felt really wasteful throwing out all the ingredients every night. I started eating some of the cucumbers so I wouldn’t feel so guilty.

We don’t have a pitcher large enough to hold everything! I engineered a solution where I would prepare as much as I could fit, and then after I drank it down, I would add in the remaining water to sit while I was gone for the day. Also, as expected, I found no weight-loss/”detox benefit. I ranted enough about that in my first post so I won’t revisit it. For me, this was a neutral because it wasn’t my goal. From a weight-loss or at least bloating elimination perspective, different people might get different results, but if you are already eating healthy and cutting calories, I can’t imagine you would see a difference.

Verdict: It’s worth trying, but with the right expectations.
Overall, even though it was a pain, I missed my sassy water when the four days was over! I definitely think it’s a great way to get more water. The taste really grew on me, much more than I realized. Going forward, I think it is something I would do again, but differently. On some other sites, I’ve seen commenters who say they keep some in the fridge and just add more water whenever they pour a glass and replace the base every 4-5 days. Even though they say it gets weaker over time, this is something I definitely may do to cut down on the waste and prep time while still getting the tasty benefit. As I said, it was definitely effective for tracking water consumption and forcing you to get the recommended amount. It gave me a very concrete “yes you drank >8.5 cups” or “no, you didn’t,” that I really liked. For a less labor-intensive alternative, I may try this water bottle that keeps track for you once it’s back in stock (my birthday is coming up! *wink* *wink*).

So that’s it! Comment if you have questions, or if you have other Pinterest challenges for me to try!

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