Surprise workout – stand up paddleboard (SUP!)

I mentioned earlier this week that John and I had a super fun fit-date: stand up paddleboarding… SUP!

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I have been wanting to SUP for, like, two and a half years. It looked so fun and I heard it was a great workout. Obviously I love to be active, but I also love love love to be outside. I don’t talk about it really on this blog (yet) but in my professional life I’m a big environmentalist. When I get the change to hike, kayak, or now SUP, it’s a chance to connect with what really matters to me.

charles river

Anyway, back to SUP!

Balancing was surprisingly easy. Once upon a time a long time ago I took a surfing lesson and this felt similar (at least the balancing). The boards are designed to stay on the water, you just have to be confident! John stinks at balance, and even he thought it was easy. Neither of us fell in the water. Success!

As for the workout, I was surprised. When we first started, I was scoffing about how easy it was. I had heard it was a great ab workout, and I didn’t feel it at all. Fast forward about 30 minutes and my shoulders and obliques were feeling the burn. If you want to get anywhere quickly, you have to really twist and push against the water. After a while, all that work adds up. I loved it! John did too.

Here’s a recap of our date in pictures. Sadly, there are none of John because he had the camera and we didn’t want to drop it.

photo 1 (1)photo 2photo 2 (1)

photo 3 (1)photo 4 (1)photo 1SUP charles riverSoooo amazing! If you have the chance to go, I definitely recommend it. I know we will be trying it again. We even talked about buying a couple boards if we end up living close to water someday.

Have you ever tried SUP? What’s your favorite fit date?


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4 comments on “Surprise workout – stand up paddleboard (SUP!)

  1. Kim

    I wanted to try it while we were in Florida but the waves were pretty strong the entire time and after watching numerous people struggle I never did. I really want to get my own and use it on the lake we live on – on calm days it would be such a great way to workout!!
    Kim recently posted…Feeling Old and CreakyMy Profile

  2. Kate

    Paddleboarding is such a work out. When I first got into it a few years ago, like you I thought hey no sweat, and then the next day my whole body was sore. Now, one of my favorite exercises is to hop on my board for a half hour or so and sped time out on the water, fun and healthy!
    Kate recently posted…A Guide to Women’s PaddleboardsMy Profile


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