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6 Things you learn when you move & an update

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Is this thing on?

Ahem, oh hey there! I used to tell myself I never wanted to take unannounced breaks from blogging, but it appears that goal is out the window. I didn’t set out to take a break, I actually had several posts planned before I fell off the grid for a week. But then, I graduated from law school:

graduation tree pose

and got wrapped up in celebrating with family and friends. Then my internet went away because, well, it was time to move to Boston!

We’re getting all settled in, so things should be back to normal around here soon, but I thought I’d kick things off with the lessons I learn (and relearn) each and every time I move.

1. You have way too much STUFF.

Seriously though, where does it all come from? What is it doing here? Why does it seem so reasonable until it needs to be jammed into boxes and then trucks and then into new places?And then you decide to declutter it. We took two full carloads to Goodwill, tossed at least two full garbage bags, and recycled a small mountain and it was still overwhelming.



2. You basically live in filth.

No matter how much you clean (ok, you’re right, it’s John who cleans), when you move, and the furniture goes out, you discover the terrifying underworld of dirt, dust, and fur that exists in your “clean” and “sanitary” home. Or maybe that’s just when you have dogs? All I know is that it’s horrifying. I almost took pictures but I didn’t want to scare you all away.

3. The strength of your relationship.

This isn’t applicable to everyone, but this is the 7th time in just over 6 years that John and I have moved ourselves, without movers, and usually without any help at all (although we have conned friends into helping on a few occasions, including this one). Twice it was cross-country (New York to Florida, then back again a few years later). The entire process of packing, along with the backbreaking task of hauling large furniture and countless boxes into and out of a moving truck (often up and down many flights of stairs), and the inevitable bickering that comes along with it, has the power to destroy a relationship if you can’t stay positive, appreciative, and determined.

4. You NEVER want to move again.

I’m fairly certain this is one of the major reasons that people buy houses. Every time we move, John and I proclaim that no matter what happens, we’re renewing our lease. We have actually done this precisely one time, because the reality is that after a month or so, your memory of the horror fades. Isn’t that what they say happens with childbirth?

5. Where your priorities are.

Upon arrival, John and I were on a mission to unload enough to reach the TV so that we could set it, and the new cable, up in time to record our favorite show, Orphan Black. And I mean on a mission. We have a problem. Also, we didn’t make it, so we paid to watch it online last night because had to know what happened!!

6. How you feel about where you are (and where you’re going).

I complained about my school pretty much constantly while I was there, but it was emotional to leave. I made fun of NYC and New Yorkers (usually affectionately) almost daily but I was sad to lose my loose connection to such an amazing city. And I loved our apartment and the town we lived in, so yes, I cried as I drove away. Lucky for me, I love our new apartment even more (it already feels like home) and I love our new community almost as much.

Questions: Are you a serial mover? Is there a dirt underworld in your home or is it just me?

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