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The best yogaglo classes {according to me}

I’ve been using yogaglo for my home practice for a long time (since 2010!). I’ve talked before about why I love practicing at home and why I love yogaglo in particular.

One of the things I love most is the variety. You get the convenience of practicing at home without the boredom of doing the same DVD over and over and over. I’m constantly discovering new classes and new flows that I just love, and new tutorials help me explore new poses or get a deeper understanding of familiar ones. That said, I have some favorites that I come back to again and again. I’m calling these the best yogaglo classes, but really that’s subjective. Everyone is different, style preferences vary, and whether you connect with a teacher is highly personal. Even so, since I’m frequently asked which I recommend, I thought I’d share some of the classes I come back to again and again. 🙂

Yogaglo series


– My favorite all around flow is Jo Tatsula’s sacral chakra flow. It’s so incredibly fluid and it feels amazing in the hips. I just get lost in the movement. Amazing.

– One of the very first classes I tried on yogaglo is still one that I love after a long, stressful day is this 30 minute flow for stress reduction. It’s so relaxing, everything just melts away.

– Warning, things are about to get hippie-dippie around here. I love practicing with the full moon and the new moon. I feel like it disconnects me from our (arbitrary) modern schedules and reconnects me with the natural flow of the world. For the full moon, I LOVE this class. The guided meditation at the beginning and end is sooo effective. For the new moon, I alternate between new moon flow and new moon renewal.


– While I don’t think I’ll ever be a true ashtanga yogi, I do like to incorporate the primary series once a week because it’s such a strong and powerful practice. Kathryn Budig is an amazing instructor and I love that her approach to ashtanga is more approachable and less… serious. She has two classes incorporating most of primary series and then splitting the seated postures between them (part 1 and part 2).


– I used to be very skeptical of yin because holding poses for 5 minutes sounded like torture. Then I tried this yin class “for people who sit a lot” and it was life changing! The holds are long, but they are supported with props and it feels amazing. This is another class I try to do once a week. Really, everyone should because it’s so good for everything that gets tight sitting at a desk all day.

There are so many other classes I love, but these top my list. I’m sure even this list will continue to grow since I’m constantly finding new classes and falling in love with them. Namaste lovelies, have a fabulous weekend. <3

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