Teaching makes dinner complicated {weekly plan}

Game day! I’m actually not that pumped about the Super Bowl since the Patriots aren’t in it (but you can bet I’ll be cheering against the Broncos out of spite). I am pumped about game day eats and drinks with John. And this year, we successfully avoided having any of the commercials ruined for us. I hate that they are all released early now, it totally ruins it!

If you’re a new reader (welcome 🙂 ) on Sunday’s I share my workout and meal plan for the week. I don’t always stick to it exactly, but making a plan in advance means I don’t have to think about it during the week, just execute. It also keeps my grocery bill under control and helps me waste less food.

workout plan


We have been on a roll lately with recipes. I loved everything we tried last week, and so did John. This week, my teaching schedule is back up in full force, so that always makes dinners more difficult. I’ve been trying to choose baked dishes on teaching nights so I can get it in the oven before I leave and John can eat when it’s ready, then I can eat when I get home.

Monday: Southwest tofu scramble – I’m determined to perfect this recipe!

Tuesday: Black bean spinach enchiladas {recipe}

Wednesday: Creamy Mexican tempeh casserole {recipe}

Thursday: Creamy guacamole and grilled corn pasta {recipe}

Friday: Quinoa coconut patties (because I I didn’t make them last week) {recipe} 

Saturday: Salsa and white bean loves {recipe} with potatoes and veggies

SundayTBD – something easy


It’s February which means my next resolution kicks in – at least 15 minutes of yoga every day! I also need to remember to make a back up workout plan. Yesterday, I didn’t get to spin early enough and there weren’t any bikes left. 🙁 I wasn’t even late, I was 10 minutes early which is my usual time, the gym is just packed lately. I LOVE that people are trying to get fit and healthy, and I love how extra packed my Zumba classes have been, but it does kind of stink when it means I don’t get my workout.

Monday: Krav Maga + teach PiYo Strength (I’m counting that as close enough to yoga)

Tuesday: Yoga + teach Zumba

Wednesday: Yoga + TRX + teach Zumba

Thursday: Yoga + teach Zumba

Friday: Yoga

Saturday: Yoga + Spinning (or run in the freezing cold, ugh)

Sunday: Yoga + Spinning (or TRX/strength circuit class)

Can it be spring yet? Even though running is my nemesis, I kind of miss it. I don’t need it to be super warm, but above freezing would be nice.

Questions: If you’re a member of a gym, has it been packed? Any tips for dinners when you aren’t home from roughly 6:30-8:30 most nights?

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8 comments on “Teaching makes dinner complicated {weekly plan}

    1. BusyBod Post author

      Definitely! I feel like it’s pretty much packed until the beginning of summer, then the fair-weather fitness peeps give up until January again.

  1. Jessie

    We had those white bean & salsa loaves on our meal plan for last week & never happened. Perhaps I’ll move them to this week since we still have a jar of salsa waiting to be used up! 🙂 Hope you and John are watching the game – since Broncos are getting beat up on.
    Jessie recently posted…Volcanic ActivityMy Profile

    1. BusyBod Post author

      We watched and it was fantastic! Well, for us anyway. I’m excited to try the loaves, they look like they have potential to be a good staple to add to the rotation.

    1. BusyBod Post author

      I feel like it’s a more manageable goal. I want to do more than I can, but I have no excuse for not giving it at least 15 minutes.


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