TRX Ab Exercises With Amazing Results

TRX ab exercises is a blend of workouts that focus and manipulate stability of the upper core. Trainers are now embracing it into their routines because of the satisfying results it brings out after a few months. A combination of traditional TRX and newly updated methods gives the desired results within a short period of training.

Types of TRX ab exercises

TRX Pikes

TRX Pikes ab routine is designed to aid in building strong muscles and gaining stability. After setting up your straps correctly, you may need to keep adjusting depending on how big your pike is and exercise intensity. For the lovers of handstands, this ab routine will help you gain more strength on your hand muscles enough to support your body.

trx ab exercises

How to:

In an open space, adjust the TRX straps to half calf length. Get into plank position and let your feet hang in the TRX loops. Your shoulders and toes should be in a straight line. Don’t let the middle part of the body bend up or down. If that happens, you may hurt your back. Now while you are in the plank position, press your hips towards the ceiling and your toes towards your elbows. Repeat the routine as you try to go as high as your body can manage.

TRX Hamstring Runners

Hamstring runners are the same as mountain climbers but done while you are lying on your back. The primary objective of this type of TRX ab routine is to strengthen the hamstrings, glutes and lower back. To make TRX hamstring runners intense, move your feet away from the loop point. For starters, bend your knees and move them towards your upper body.

How to:

Lie on your back and place your feet on the TRX loops. The loops should be at mid-calf length so that you may not strain your back and feet. Lift your hips and let the hamstrings support your body weight. Move your knees towards the body while returning them to the starting position. The TRX straps should remain still all through the ab exercise routine. Repeat the movements for each rep.

TRX Body Saw

Using TRX straps for body saw routine might appear to be simple, but it will burn the fat on your abdomen and make the abs pop. The shorter movements on the body saw are more challenging than, the longer ones. You will need to be in the standard plank position and try to move the lower body back and forth towards the upper body. The core burns faster since it acts as the center of gravity during the movements.

How to:

Get into the plank position and hook your feet onto the TRX strap loops. Straighten your arms and start rocking your lower body back and forth towards the upper core. You could start with a few inches movements as you get used to the ab routine. Repeat.
Complete the above TRX ab routine exercises for 30 to 45 seconds or one minute depending on your body strength and ability. Keep repeating the circuit for about 10 minutes for you to feel the burn.

The think with any ab exercises, even trx ab exercises, is that you have to remain consistent.  The results will show if you do not give up!