Five TRX Workouts For Beginners

Starting a TRX workout plan can seem like a daunting task at first, so let this TRX Workouts For Beginners guide help ease you into the flow. Created by an ex-SEAL, TRX has the reputation of being a robust full-body exercise system that requires plenty of practice to master it. But don’t let its reputation scare you off. There are plenty of TRX exercises which are easy to perform, even by beginners who are out of shape. And the best thing is that you’ll only need suspension straps, your body, and motivation to start doing them. Here are five beginner-friendly exercises you must try.

Your TRX Workouts For Beginners

  • Push-ups

Target Muscles: Chest, triceps, and abs

Push-ups are a fundamental movement that any workout routine must employ. But TRX takes the benefit of this exercise one step further by adding the stabilization factor to it. By balancing yourself with your legs suspended, you are using you are engaging your core muscles, which will do wonders for your tone and definition.

To do this exercise, start by grabbing the TRX’s handles, take a step back and lower your body until the straps are supporting all of your weight. Tighten your core as you flex your elbows and go down, like in a regular push-up motion. Keep your back straight and your core tight as you repeat the movement.

  • Suspension Row

Target muscles: Rear delts, lats, biceps, abdominals

Suspension rows are an excellent exercise for the back muscles that any beginner can do. Have you ever had back pain problems? Working in an office all day can do that to you. Suspension rows can make those aches be a thing of the past, as they help to improve your body posture by targeting the muscles that support your column.

To do suspension rows grab your straps’ handles and start leaning backward until your body is at a 45-degree angle. Your arms should be stretched, and your whole body should be completely straight, without rounded shoulders or letting your hips sag back.

  • Bicep Curls

Target muscles: Biceps, Abdominals

Whether you’re a guy looking to impress the ladies, or a woman trying to get rid of her flabby arms, bicep curls will help you get more tone and definition in your arms. Curls are an isolation exercise, but they also have the added advantage of working on your stabilization muscles.

To start a bicep curl series lean backward at a 45-degree angle. Keep your body straight and your hands facing away from your body. Pull yourself upwards while keeping your upper arm steady and in place.

  • Overhead Triceps Extensions

Target muscles: Triceps, shoulders, abs

Overhead triceps extensions are a great exercise for toning your arms. If you’ve ever struggled with flabby arms, this exercise will help you get rid of that excess fat and strengthen your triceps muscles. Triceps extensions work best when practiced with bicep curls, as each activity complements the other and prevents muscle imbalances.

To do overhead triceps extensions start by putting your hands in front of you and facing downwards. Then take a step back and lean forward with your hands at shoulder level. Keep your eyes looking to the front as you bend your elbows and let your body go down. Extend your arms again to go back again to your starting position.

  • Single-Leg Squats

Target muscles: Quads, hamstrings, glutes

Single-Leg Squats are an excellent leg exercise that targets every muscle in your legs. Unfortunately, most people can’t do them since they require good balance and strong stabilization muscles. Luckily, TRX’s Single-Leg Squats are an easier version of the traditional calisthenic squats that will allow you to increase the weight you put on each leg without requiring too much balance.

Grab the straps’ handles and take one step back. Extend one leg forward, the opposite side of the one you want to work, and keep your body straight as you go up and down.

I hope you have enjoyed these five trx workouts for beginners.  It should be enough to get you started in order to determine if you think TRX exercise is something you want to do on a regular basis.