What is TRX Training And How Can It Help?

So what is TRX and how can it help you?  TRX is a pretty basic equipment, or so it looks. But the versatility and functionality are amazingly impressive. At first glance, it looks like some industrial resistance band. However, it doesn’t stretch but allows you to move your body as the resistance. The tool was founded by Randy Hetrick, a former Navy seal with years of experience in combat and fitness training.

What Is TRX?

TRX tool is highly portable and leverages gravity and your body weight as resistance. The combination of the aforementioned gives you an ability to perform hundreds of different workouts. The tool allows you to quickly transition between flexibility, strength, balance and metabolic training exercises. The manufacturer indicates that TRX Suspension Training can improve your breathing and get your heart up to give you’re an intense, fully body workout in as little as 30 minutes.

What is TRX

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The package comes with looped straps and a suspension anchor. And has plenty of information including a library of various workouts and six modular workouts. You also get an excellent introductory guide on how to get started with this device and achieve the best results.

How TRX works

Read any TRX review, and you notice that the tool is used and loved by professional athletes, coaches, bodybuilders and personal trainers worldwide. The tool is designed to give you over 300 different exercises that build total body strength and burn calories. Users can achieve increases muscle flexibility and endurance as well as improved physical performance.

The TRX Suspension Training system has two adjustable, durable and high-quality nylon straps that attach to a central anchor point and features handles on both ends. You can anchor the TRX straps anywhere; on the door, in the ceiling, outside on a tree, on the get, as long as the anchor point is steady enough to support your body weight. This feature gives you the flexibility to exercise anywhere you go.

Compared to other workout tools, the TRX gives you full control as to how much you want to challenge yourself. By using gravity and your body weight, you can adjust your body position to change your resistance level. TRX Suspension Training can deliver efficient and fast full body work out for all women and men of all ages regardless of their fitness level.

What are users saying about the TRX suspension system?

If the available TRX reviews and feedbacks are anything to go by, then we can say this system have curved a green niche in the world of fitness and exercise. The system has received numerous positive reviews from both online and offline fitness and bodybuilding and wellness communities. Most users particularly love the fact the system is incredibly easy to set up and use, it’s portable, has high-quality materials, and offers a broad range of exercises.

Some users have mentioned that it’s easy to perform even the lower body workouts. Others have reported that this system has helped them develop flexibility, endurance, and stability.

Just like any other product in the market, users do often mention a few areas that could do with some improvement. For TRX, few people have observed that they require a lot of floor space to be able to use this tool effectively. Other than that, the product is greatly loved and appreciated by thousands of user across the world.


How many types of exercises can do in your local gym? I bet they are less than 50. With a whopping 300 different kinds of activities to do, anywhere, this creative tool is ten times more useful than your gym. If you are not convinced, pick up any TRX review, go straight to the comments section and as see just how much you are missing out.