#WhatsYourMPA Challenge: My first meal plan

It’s officially September and the start of the #WhatsYourMPA challenge! Hopefully you’ve already taken the pledge, but if you haven’t there’s still time! Still not convinced about the benefits of meal planning? Check out this epic infographic:


If that doesn’t convince you, I have even MORE amazing facts to share throughout the month. So you should probably just get on board now 🙂

On to my first meal plan! I’m only planning out dinners for now. Lunches will be a combination of leftovers, and quicker, easier things like salads, avocado and eggs, or veggie burgers.

Monday – Coconut tofu stir-fry (recipe coming soon!)

Tuesday – Parmesan zucchini and rice (recipe coming soon!)

Wednesday – John works late and I teach, so we’re doing leftovers from Tuesday

ThursdayCoconut quinoa patties

Friday – Falafel and veggies (carrots and cukes) with hummus and tzatziki

Saturday – Rice and eggs (I know it sounds SUPER weird but it’s actually delicious) with baked plantain chips and avocado

Sunday – No meal planned, we’ll be going out to celebrate post-race

I have to say I’m pretty proud of this! I can pretty much check my four pledged meals off this week. Normally, when John is working and I’m at school, we wouldn’t cook more than one or two meals, we basically just fend for ourselves.

If you’re joining in on the challenge, check out your materials, make your plan, and hit the grocery store! I promise, if I can do it, anyone can, trust me 🙂 Don’t forget to share your success with #WhatsYourMPA!

Have you signed the pledge yet? Do you already plan your meals? Making anything fun this week? If so, please share the link, I need ideas!


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2 comments on “#WhatsYourMPA Challenge: My first meal plan

  1. Jessie

    Love the diagram. Will be sharing this with my clients, thanks! Also rice & eggs do not sound weird together at all. If you think that sounds weird.. I mixed scrambled egg whites with tuna today. So good!

    1. BusyBod Post author

      You’re right, that does sound weird 🙂 I had never had rice and eggs but John grew up eating it and after trying it once I was hooked!

      So glad the chart will be helpful for your clients!


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