You ask, I’ll deliver (workouts that is)

I’ve been vaguely alluding for a while now to the workouts I plan to post for you all to try (I also specifically promised summer workouts to all my Zumba students who I’m sure are missing me dearly). John and I have been tossing around a lot of ideas, and now that we are settled in Boston, we are ready to start finalizing them and putting them together!

Before we go too far, I really wanted to get YOUR input! I want to make sure whatever I do is tailored to your needs and interests. I put this form together so that you can give me some feedback! I hope you’ll take two seconds to fill it out. If you have any questions, just leave a comment!

workout request

What style of workout would you like to see? (choose all that apply)  : 
General Cardio
Cardio/Strength Combo
What equipment would you like to see incorporated? (choose all that apply)  : 
Bodyweight only
Resistance bands
Swiss/physio/stability ball
Household items (e.g. chair/wall)
Do you have a preferred format? (choose all that apply)  : 
Simple text with photos
Printable or Pinterest style graphic
Roughly how long would you like each workout to be?  (choose all that apply)  : 
Less than 10 min.
10-20 min.
20-30 min.
More than 30 min.
Any area you would like to focus on?  (choose all that apply)  : 
Glutes (booty!)

NOTE: When you hit send, the form will be sent to me and will just refresh as an empty form, it won’t send you to a new page. 🙂

Thanks so much for helping me launch this new project, now get excited!!


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4 comments on “You ask, I’ll deliver (workouts that is)

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