You + me = dance party at your place! {MIMM}

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was extremely uneventful, which is usually bad news for Marvelous in My Monday material. Luckily, it just so happens I have some pretty exciting fitness news to share! Yay!

Unless this is your first time here (in which case, welcome!!), you probably know I teach Zumba. Kind of a lot. And I kind of love it. And you may have thought to yourself: “Man, I really wish I could go to one of Kim’s Zumba classes! Too bad I live across the country.” Or maybe you haven’t. But either, way, guess what?! Pretty soon, if you want to, you can!!

Is your mind blown? Mine kind of was. So here’s the deal. I mentioned before that I’ve started using the Cody app, an iPhone app that lets you log workouts, connect with other fitness junkies, and subscribe to training plans.

Cody app profile screenshot

After I signed up, I reached out to the app gurus about becoming a coach. I originally thought I’d just share the workouts I already share on the blog. Then the Cody team asked if I would be interested in doing a Zumba plan for Cody. Uhm, would I ever!

We’re still working out the logistics, but my first plan is officially in the works! Sadly, it can’t be free (sorry friends), just like my real life classes aren’t free (and because it’s expensive to host huge video files). But you’ll be able to dance along with me right from your living room. I’m so excited!!


^ obvi just a draft

Even if you aren’t interested in Zumba, I still definitely recommend the app. The community is amazing, and there are lots of awesome training plans, including Elise’s free ab plan. If you want to follow me, search “BusyBod” and I should come up as Kim C. 🙂

New opportunities to share my fitness love are what’s making my Monday marvelous!

Thanks to Katie for hosting!

Questions: What’s making your Monday marvelous? Are you a Zumba fan? Have you tried Cody?

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16 comments on “You + me = dance party at your place! {MIMM}

  1. Daryl

    Hi Kim! This is my first to check-out your site in search of Zumba work-outs. I’ve seen other training instructors (not specifically in Zumba) have started YouTube videos, and wondering if you have a YouTube channel too?
    Daryl recently posted…Gist ReviewMy Profile


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